3 Tips to Find the Right Number of Keywords to Use in Your Post

Keyword Density

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An important lesson that we learn when doing SEO of our blog posts is to incorporate a considerable number of keywords in the post. Search engine algorithms are formed such that the keyword density is an post is considered. The chances for the post to be ranked higher for that particular keyword are better for greater keyword density.

Nevertheless, it is also said saturating the post with too many keywords can be detrimental to the page rank, as Google and other search engines could consider this phenomenon unnatural and may blacklist the website or that particular page as spam. Hence, it is imperative for us bloggers to understand the ideal number of times that a keyword can be repeated in a post.

SEOPressor Indicating the Keyword Density

Two factors that influence the decision for the Number of Keywords

  • The length of the posts– The length of the blog post is the most important factor when it comes to determining the reasonable number of times that a keyword should be used in a particular post. If the length of the post is around 250-300 words and that of the corresponding post is 1000-1200 words, then there will be a humongous difference between the number of times that the keyword will be used among the two posts.
  • The nature of the Keyword – Is the post being optimized for a short keyword or a long tail keyword? It is simpler to repeat short keywords in an post than to long tail ones. Nevertheless, the latter kinds are easier to optimize as they have relatively lesser number of pages to compete with.

Optimum Number of Keywords

A few search engine engineers are of the opinion that 5-7% is the ideal percentage of keywords that should be used in an post. For instance, a 10% usage indicates that you will use the keywords 100 times in a 1000 word post.

Although, 10 percent seems a very low ratio, when you actually get down to using keywords, you will realize that the post will become immensely keyword dense. If you have the ability to chip in the keywords smartly, and make sure that the readers realize that they are not reading anything that is dull or repetitive.

A Final Tip

There is no ideal way to judge how many times a keyword should be used in the post. Usually, the norm is to grab the attention of the search engines, but you should at the same time, make sure that it does not deter the interest levels of the readers. The main drawback of the keywords being repetitive is that the reader might find the post dull and monotonous to read.

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So, how many keywords do you use in your blog posts ? Also, What’s the Ideal Keyword Density according to you ??


  1. I always say one ever other paragraph but that really don’t matter..those backlinks play a bigger role.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    1. I must agree with TrafficColeman, I would much rather put focus on the backlinks more than the keyword density. Dont get me wrong, the density can help for sure, but not as much as the backlinks can help.


  2. I have heard and seen many articles where 5-7% is ideal percentage of keywords in any article. So the number of keywords can be used depends on the length of the article.

  3. It is also important not to use the keywords too repeatedly. That is, we should also spin the keywords every now and then not only because the readers would find it boring and unpleasant to read at time but also that the search engine would find it suspicious of spam and would possibly ban the article from page ranking.

  4. It is important to have a good number of keywords in a post, but more importantly do not over-put too many of them!

  5. Have to repeat key words in a post. those 3 key words should be more useful to all bloggers like me. Thank you so much for given great post on here 🙂

  6. Quite intersting. No doubt, too much of keywords stuffing is always more harmful than good.
    Thanks for share.

  7. Very well written Kaushal… Ideal keyword density according to me is 2-3% 🙂

  8. Keyword density is very important factor of any post in your site . and your post is awesome to choose the right keywords.

  9. Using your keywords frequently in a post is called keyword stuffing and is not recommended as explained above. If possible, it is best to use the keyword a few times only depending on the length of your post.

  10. Good Post Kaushal 🙂
    Always Add Related Keywords 🙂

  11. Right on. I agree it’s not about the density only. On the other hand, words used more often then other words on a page are likely to be the more important terms.. and they naturally have a higher keyword density.
    I prefer to check WHERE the keywords occur..in the Title, in Headings, in URLs etc. Some keyword Density tools show both. Try this one for example (free tool)

  12. This is very true, if we stuff too many keywords in a post, then it will be very alarming to the search engines. Do not overdo!

  13. yeah ..it is very interesting one to get the knowledge about your product.

  14. I write about 200-250 words in each article and has 3-4 times the key words in it, also do I have about 3-4 times the long tail key words in the article and it works perfectly for me in the SERP.

  15. Nice tips for keyword density, Thank you!

  16. KEYword is the KEY 🙂

  17. Keyword and Content is the King of any blog. Concentrating on Keywords gives better results.

  18. In my opinion keywords are important, but Backlinks are more important than using keywords.

  19. Using keywords in your post is a good tactic. It helps content that you are trying to promote to achieve a better rank. But, we also need to make sure that the keyword density is not exceeded as it will be considered spam then.

  20. make a free favicon to be easily found in your readers favorites file. (people like to find what they want fast. i myself sometimes give up finding a particular article or site in my huge favorite file, simply because i don’t want to spend 5 minuets to go through the whole list. a favicon is like big spot light focused on you between hundreds of other people!

  21. Keywords or combination of keywords and keyword density must be right and thanks Kushal for explaining it better. I am not using SEO precesser, however it seems to be a best plugin for optimizing your post.

  22. Nicely Explained Kaushal. I followed all the tip. I think keywords is the basic key for success and cant be avoided.

  23. Keywords are the backbone for SEO! Nice tips shared by you!

  24. Nice tips on SEO density. Thanks for sharing…

  25. URL given by Jamal is very useful .
    Do anyone suggest exactly that Which criteria works more effective.Either Backlink or Keywords.Here the Keyword density can be a technical parameter but what about links.There can be 1000 links created intentionally so will it make the article useful in search engine crawlers

  26. The main drawback of the keywords being repetitive is that the reader might find the post dull and monotonous to read.

  27. Nice tips on keyword density . definitely going to try this

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