5 SEO Blunders which one should Avoid

SEO Blunders

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Many of you already know may know me personally as an business owner, but my personal background is in fact SEO. Although I continue with the rules today, I am proven to have dabbled in the dark arts associated with SEO.

Yet don’t worry this specific post isn’t about SEO integrity or if you should be a black or white hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

From our experiences in both the black and white hat arena of SEO, I have learned what you should avoid, should you don’t want your rankings to tank.

Factors of SEO

1. You can be abundant, but not filthy rich in Anchor text

The best way to supercharge your rankings would be to build rich anchor text hyperlinks. For example, in the event that my startup Red Fox Marketing really wants to rank properly for the phrase “web analytics” I need to get other websites to link to Red Fox Marketing.

Any time convincing internet websites to hyperlink to me, we ideally long for them to link with the phrase world wide web analytics because the link textual content instead of my company name.

If more people link to you with the key phrase you want to position for as your anchor text with the link, the rankings will become sky rocketing with the keyword.

Nevertheless what you might not know is that if you get way too many links rich in keywords your ratings will drastically drop before too long. So you ought to rotate the particular anchor text upwards and ideally make it natural.

In essence obtaining rich anchor text is good, nevertheless it can’t be also rich. It’s my job to try to keep my own anchor text wealthy for less than 10% of my hyperlinks.

2. Don’t ignore Inner pages

When you are optimizing your site for search engines like google, although it’s frequent for you to enhance the rule on just about all pages of your website, for reasons unknown you have a tendency to forget about link building to your inside pages.

The homepage is essential, but possessing 100% of your backlinks to your home-page is really unpleasant. I personally attempt to make sure that 80% of my back links, if not more, are going to internal web pages.

And the simplest way to do this is to make sure the internal pages have great content.

Precisely what you’ll notice as soon as your internal web pages start to get much more links, your ranking of one’s homepage will also start increasing.

It’s because search engines don’t just try to evaluate where you should rank on the page-by-page basis, however they also take a look at website as a whole. This is why sites like Regarding.com as well as Wikipedia rank with regard to millions of terminology.

3. Slow and Steady truly does win your race

You have heard that phrase millions of times, but can you follow it? I realize I always don’t.

Let’s get back on my previous case in point on the keywords “web analytics“. Before My partner and i start building hyperlinks, not only do I need to look at how many backward hyperlinks I curently have, but I must also look at what number of links our competitors have got.

For example, if my competitors on average offers over 100,000 back links when I just have 1000, my first behavioral instinct maybe to develop links really fast and catch up. In an ideally entire world, that would perform, but it isn’t the situation with Yahoo and google.

Don’t try to grow your link depend by two or three times each month. Attempt to stick with a reduced percentage just like 5% or 10%. Don’t make an effort to build a ton of links, but alternatively building pertinent links, while they will move your rankings a lot faster.

Stay from all web site links. Even though they can easily be bought, it’s unnatural that someone would link to your website through every site unless you have a very blog (blogrolls).

I understand doing the things I mentioned over won’t get you to a similar link rely as your competition, but you will begin increasing your search rankings drastically. Don’t fall under the snare of building back links quickly.

Even though your search rankings will go up in the short run, it’s hard to maintain your rankings once you get to the leading. You’ll start recognizing way too many variations compared to in the event you built pertinent links slowly and gradually.

4. Content isn’t always the king

Have you heard the saying that content is full? It usually can be, but if an individual don’t have enough hyperlinks coming into your web site you won’t get that much visitors.

It’s not with regards to going to oDesk and paying for millions of pieces of killer content and trying for you to compete with Demand Media. It’s concerning having an excellent content to link percentage.

What I mean from this is that search engines analyze the amount of links you have coming into your internet site compared to what number of links you’ve. So if you simply have 100 links while having a million pieces of content material, a lot of those pages won’t get listed in Google unless you get more websites to url to yours.

Regrettably I don’t understand the exact rate of content material versus hyperlinks that you should possess, but I merely recommend building up your content along with links concurrently.

If you don’t, your quest engine traffic may booth. Read some of previous posts which will help you to produce quality content on Single Niched blogs.

5. Title tags and Meta Information do matter

Of all the years I have been doing SEO, it seems that you tend to make 1 mistake frequently. You take title tags and meta description tag words for granted.

Now before I got into the easy title tag and meta description optimization techniques I use, Among the best to ask you for one favour, don’t take them without any consideration. I used these types of simple tactics on websites like Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Mashable, as well as around 30 of the best players blogs web their visitors went up drastically.

Your title tags have to be unique on each page and also around 62 characters. Do not really include your website address in all of the title tickets, as this means they are seem much more duplicate. Simply include your website name in the title tags for the homepage, regarding page, speak to page, as well as other generic web pages.

Your meta information tag should be unique, stand for the content about the page (don’t simply stuff that with search phrases), and incorporate around twenty five or so words.

Try creating those alterations to your identify tags and also meta descriptions. If you already have a good amount of links being received by your website plus you’ve got a decent amount regarding pages, you’ll realize that those modifications can twice your visitors like it did to TechCrunch.

But when you don’t get that much visitors or links coming in, a person won’t notice a large impact while searching engine visitors.

There are many of SEO tactics that you can use to increase the rankings, when you pick all of them, be careful. Though you’ll notice the rankings rising in the growing process, in the long run they’re able to start taking. And prior to deciding to figure it away, it’ll be too late.

Do you know of the other tactics that can grind your search positions and help improve the SEO of the site ?


  1. Its a nice redirection of our basics mistakes. we must correct our mistakes as above guidelines. Many amateur SEOs overlook the importance of building links to pages that link to their sites. Once you have acquired a great link, it can be a lot easier to build links. Nice write up!!!

  2. Nice and cool tips dude…must follow them…

  3. Very well written, all points are important for success in the SERP.
    But I do not understand why the Red Fox Marketing has a so bad website itself?
    They have a lousy on-page, no title, no H1, no key words, Page Rank 0, etc. Start by arranging your own home page.

  4. Your title tags should be unique to every page in it 🙂 Thank you so much for given great post on here 🙂

  5. It is really a nice and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.@Lennart Heleander, i think you have landed on some wrong website as Red Fox Marketing is very quick in improving their website as now their website have all the Meta Tags, H1 tags, a page rank of 4 (i would like to know the technique to get a high PR 4 in just 2 days 🙂 ).

    1. Hi Daniel,
      You are correct, So Sorry, I landed on a wrong website as Red Fox Marketing.

  6. “Content is King” nobody can’t ignore this but if your back linking is also strong as well as it’s best for Google value…….

  7. Don’t waste your time or money submitting your site to 1000 search-engines and directories. Search engines have their own crawls and will find your site and rank it according to your sites seo, content etc…

  8. i very much agree with secon point there.. deep linking / linking to inner pages is indeed important apart from the homepage !

  9. Yes we will consider these point for seo

  10. Meta tags are the most important for SEO

  11. Yes, it’s easy to forget linking to inner pages. Finding the time is part of the issue – once you start linking to inner pages it multiplies up the link building work load.

  12. I often read contradictory information about backlinking. SEO experts constantly argue that building several backlinks in non-pertinent sites will hurt SEO. I also hear the adage that putting a backlink in a flagged site by Google will hurt your site. However, when I look at the competition who is killing it, I see paralleled blogs that are “link farming” and several non-pertinent sites.

  13. how to make inner pages more seo friendly can you mail me as soon as possible admin

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