4 Golden Rules for Effective Organic SEO


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SEO is very much common knowledge among webmasters these days, not so much Organic SEO. Organic search engine optimization is not very different from normal SEO in that the purpose of it is to optimize the design of your website and increase its visibility in search engine results. Check our post on the Top 5 SEO Tips to get some onsite as well offsite Search Engine Optimization tips.

Organic SEO is concerned with executing the process in an ethical way so that search engines are not harmed and your site becomes favorable to most search engines. The process of organic SEO is further elaborated below.

Organic SEO
Organic SEO

1. Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is an important part of the Organic SEO process to find out the keywords and keyword phrases that you can use for your website. To do a keyword analysis your SEO team must have sound knowledge about the nature, products or services that your website offers.

They will need to understand your goals properly to market your site and try to create the best impact on search engine rankings. Doing keyword analysis gives you a list of keywords and keyword phrases that are most popularly used by web surfers. So, always do a Keyword Research when you are about to publish content on your site.

2. Efficient organization of your website

To get the best search engine rankings your website has to be efficiently and effectively organized. Your SEO team will have to carefully choose content so that the required keywords and phrases can be fit in a way so that it blends with the content.

There are other factors to the process like choosing the appropriate title and the meta tags, writing the text by laying stress on layout and content and inserting internal links of the pages within your website. Making sure that these are done properly is vital to your website’s ranking.

3. Keep a Constant Eye on Search Engine Rankings

Once the site is launched, your SEO team must track the specific keywords in search engines frequently so that they can make corrections in the SEO plan wherever necessary. You must ask your SEO team to document the results so that you are constantly informed of the developments. You can also ask your SEO team to track the number of visitors to your site from search engines, making it much simpler for you.

4. Finding the right SEO Firm

Organic SEO makes use of the best practices accepted by most companies in the search engine optimization process. If you are looking for a firm that provides organic SEO services, you can start by looking up online to find out some of the best players in the SEO business. Refer our list of Top 10 SEO Shopping Cart Companies in India if you need help.

You should check the company’s background  first, company practices that are used in search engine optimization secondly and then look for testimonials from their clients finally.

So which methods/practices you use to make your website’s Organic SEO stronger ?


  1. Keyword analysis is very important for effective SEO. If you’re working on right and suitable keywords in your niche then you can get your desired result very soon.

  2. Hi Patle,
    Working with them absolute best keywords is important and often is the competition very tough, but it is not wrong to work with the less-visited key words, it can be very easy to take first place in Google. A good combination of hard and easy keyword can give great results. Its call the long tail system.

  3. Excellent post Patle. I have been optimizing my website with lots of SEO tools and I didn’t know I was already doing organic SEO without realizing it. Another very important thing about organic SEO is good content and the way to do it is having the passion for it.

  4. Very well written … Patle !!

    Great tips for effective organic traffic, truly said that the keyword research plays a key role.

  5. Search engine optimization is the organic way of promoting your business at major search engines for the purpose of getting higher ranks. The rate at which businesses are emerging on the World Wide Web is great and same is the demand of having standard web marketing strategies.

  6. Excellent tips. Although I don’t do much Keyword reasearch, after looking at this post, I intend to start ASAP!

  7. Keyword Analysis is the best way to get Traffic from Search Engines. Nice Post. Organic SEO is also needed for a blog to survive.

  8. Keyword analysis is important, but it is important to also learn how to do keyword analysis correctly.

    It also important to note that SEO is constantly changing, so you must be active in SEO on a regular basis, and review your SEO practices, to stay with the game.

  9. Great article and I love the graphic as well, very creative indeed. I am not actually doing much research on Keywords but do have Keyword Winner on my site doing that job for me.

  10. When you talk about an SEO team. How much will that set one back, and what will they do?

  11. Great tips. I am not sure if the SEO on my website is good or not. Could you help me out? take a look perhaps and guide me how I shall improve the organic SEO for my website?

    Thanks Patle.

    1. Hi Jasmine,
      I have done a quick look at you web page and found two big SEO things you can be much better on for the SERP ranking.

      Number of pages: Your site has pages indexed in Google. This is really not much and your website benefits a lot if you increase the number of pages considerably.
      The more pages a website have the better. Any new relevant page, it means an increased opportunity to appear in search results on more keywords.

      Text Volume: There are words on the page. This is extremely low and it is difficult for the search engine to know what your site is about. You need a lot more text.
      Search engines love text and the more relevant text a website has the better. Is there more than 500 words on a page, it is good.

  12. I am currently developing an ORGANIC search engine optimization (SEO) initiative for a small niche B2B manufacturing company with both limited budget and personnel. Historically, they have never attempted SEO of any kind and are currently in the process of reorganizing/re-designing their website.

    What tools should I have in my SEO toolkit to monitor/document the progress of my ongoing organic SEO initiative?

  13. Wonderful I would like to say thank you for sharing this cool article. I most like to part of Keyword Analysis. KA is not an easy stuff in organic seo. Also in eye on search engine ranking you have written good info that Once the site is launched, your SEO team must track the specific keywords in search engines frequently so that they can make corrections in the SEO plan wherever necessary. Apsuluatly right. It’s must important too.

  14. I think finding the best keyword for your post/site is the most important part of organic SEO. If you choose any incorrect keyword i.e. a completely unrelevant or high competition keyword than no matter how much SEO you do, it will be very hard to rank for that keyword

  15. Hi Patle,
    Keyword research is very important because you wouldn’t want to aim for a very competitive keyword unless you have the means to. If not, it’s simply just best to settle for those not so competitive keywords or phrases.

  16. Hello Patle,I am agree with your every point but after Panda updates Google like unique contents to give your rank.

  17. Excellent tips Patle. I agree with you, website organization and keyword analysis are the important factors to get organic traffic.

  18. If you have some time and interest in controlling your SEO, you can do-it-yourself for way less. It’s fun to learn about it and do it for your own site in many ways. We’ve created some tools for doing do-it-yourself SEO:

  19. I think # 3 “Keep an eye on search engine rankings” is one of the best things you can do for your ranking. You can’t get to #3 rank and then just leave it alone and expect to be at the same ranking 3 months later. Rankings have to be monitored frequently.

  20. Organic SEO is optimization so that your website will occur in “natural” search engine listings. When a surfer types a keyword optimized and popular websites appear in the top listings. Organic listings are free. PPC listings are paid. 🙂

  21. It is named “organic SEO” because the goal is to get the website or blog ranked high in the “natural” search engine results and not the Sponsored PPC listings at the top or to the right of the page.

  22. You must ask your SEO team to document the results so that you are constantly informed of the developments.

  23. you are right about those being the golden rule, i am a big fan of keyword research and it really does make all the difference.

  24. I think the Keyword analysis is one of the most important things you can do from the beginning to set yourself up for success! The right keywords from the beginning will make things so much easier in the long run!


  25. I don’t think you could be more on point great tips to optimize your site to be SEO savy

  26. i am very surprised with the alex Answer. all depends on the Monthly searches of the specific keywords then their is not any formula that tell you that user will defiantly click site 2 or site 3 🙂

  27. colepath@reboxetine

    Really wonderful tips for us.

  28. Hello Mani,Thanks for these amazing tips, Keyword analysis , unique content and back links from same theme are the best way to improve your ranking in SERP.

  29. I have found that utilizing a good SEO company is much better than trying to do it all yourself. I’m in one of the most competitive markets on the internet, real estate, and I found that leveraging a good company is worthwhile. I also think it’s good to test a few out and determine which one works best for your needs.

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