Google +1 Button will Act as a Vote Up for Search Results

+1 button

Google is number 1 because it runs on a trial and error method. It gives us an opportunity to try out some new stuff. Like Gmail, Orkut had beta invites, even Google has an experimental version for us to try out and give the desired feedback. Today, the big daddy G unleashed another one of it’s experiments for us to try. It’s called the Google +1 Button. The Social Media and SEO Guru’s call it as Google’s answer to Facebook’s Like Button.

Google +1 Button
The +1 Button in action!

Well, considering it as a Social button still looks pretty far, as Google has said that it will take certain months to give the +1 Button a Social Media dimension. For now, it will just act as a Vote Up for Search Results i.e. it’s function is to help searchers find the best result. But to prevent fake vote up’s Google’s has ensured that when a user +1’s a result then, only the count increases and the search result stays stand still. I think this is a good move by Google to just increase the count of the +1 button and not increase the search result up as a whole. In the next paragraph you’ll get to know HowTo try out the Google +1 Button.

Basically with this +1 button you will be able to recommend certain search results to your friends, family or connections. You will help them in saving their time by hitting the +1 button.

HowTo ‘Experiment’ with the Google +1 Button ?

  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Go to the Google Experiments page.
  • Hit the ‘Join this experiment’ button located near the +1 button section.
  • That’s it! You are now ready to experiment with the +1 button.

How the +1 Button works ? (Video)

Google have made a video to introduce and explain how exactly the +1 button works. So take a look to get a better idea.

You can visit the official +1 Button page to know more about it’s features or working.

Update : Get the +1 Button

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So are you ready to +1 the results you search ?


  1. Hey Mani, thanks for the run down on the features of + one and how to get involved. I’m going to give some searches a + and see how it works out. Honestly, it sounds better than anything Facebook can come up with. Can you tell I’m a big fan of Google? LOL!

  2. Wonderful from Google. They are making search social-friendly.

    Slowly, genuine “+1’s ” might impact search engine rankings too. This experiment is one more good idea from Google besides ‘Block this’ and ‘webspam report’ addons for Chrome.

  3. yeah i think +1 feature can be taken as a token of belief by user that this website or blog is gud and can be trusted.however it wont or shudnt affect ranking because many people will use undesirable methods to obtain +1 and thereby increase theri website’s ranking

  4. Hi Mani,I am ready for this next big move by Google. I think this is Google’s first step into Social Media and I hope by using this service, we will get more search engine visibility for our blogs.Sathish

  5. Don’t know if it will prove to be a strong competitor to facebook’s like button but yeah this step taken by google in worth praising at least we can recommend some great results to our friends and family members.

    I would like to thank you mani for telling us how to get the +1 button, i’ll be experimenting with it today

  6. I am not a huge fan of this feature. Theres just too much human element involved, I hope Google doesnt ever apply this feature to affect the rankings.


  7. according to google right now it won’t affect results, but give it a couple of months. No doubt this will become a signal

  8. Hello Mani,

    Google+1 Button is new invention of Google in the field of Social networking , It works like digg. Just add +1 Button in your site then try to have +1 from unique users of Google. By doing same your site will get more importance in Google

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