How to create a Google+ Page for your Blog

Google+ page

Today, the much awaited Google+ pages were opened up to the general public. It obviously created a lot of buzz on popular tech blogs and forums. As bloggers we can put up a happy face as most of us want as many opportunities as possible to promote our blogs. Google+ pages could be another medium, but it’s still early hours.

This post is specially for bloggers who are not familiar with technicalities of opening a page properly on a social network. I felt it was necessary to write a tutorial on this as there is a lot of confusion in the minds of bloggers and website owners as to which category to choose when creating a page. If you remember when Facebook introduced their pages, it didn’t offer as much categories as it should have offered.

So it was difficult to categorize our pages until they released another update to fix that issue. Now, we have a lot of options to choose from. Coming back to Google+, it’s a good sign that Google has learnt from Facebook’s mistake and released a full-fledged pages feature. As a designer I liked the UI of the pages creation center. The entire process works pretty smoothly and it just takes a few minutes to create your blog’s Google+ page.

Below is the step by step tutorial to create a G+ page. Here I’am including only the image of the first step as that’s the one which contains the Page name, URL and the category selection. Basically, the important options are present in the first step.

Create your Blog’s Google+ Page

  1. First of all navigate to Create a Google+ Page using this link.

    Google+ Pages
    Google+ Pages : Step 1
  2. From the Pick a Category section, click on the Product or Brand button.
  3. In the Add your info section enter your Page Name i.e. basically your Blog’s name or title. Then comes the Website i.e. the URL of your blog. After that comes the all important dropdown where you need to directly scroll down and select the Website option.
  4. By default the Page will be made public and any Google+ user will be allowed to follow or join the page. Now, check the ‘I Agree to the Pages term…’ option and hit the Create button.
  5. So now your page is officially created. In Step 2 you’ll be asked to enter few Tags i.e. basically the Description of your page. Attempt to make the description appealing so that many G+ users like it from the outset.
  6. Unlike Facebook, Google+ asks you to upload the logo of your page right in Step 2. Make sure that you upload a nice big logo of your blog as Google+ zooms it after we crop the section of the logo. So if you blog’s logo is small (like mine unfortunately is) then your page’s image will look a bit pix-elated.
  7. That’s it. Share you page on your Google+ stream (i.e. as a user and not in the page mode). The only way to attract or invite fans to your newly created Google+ page is to invite them manually. Sadly, they don’t seem to have a Facebook-like ‘Select All Friends‘ option.

I hope after this tutorial your blog’s Google+ page creation was much easier. Do follow DailyBlogging’s Google+ Page. Don’t tell me that the image of our page itself is pix-elated as I’m working on a new bigger logo. It will take some time as I don’t want to remake it another time.

Do you think Google+ Pages will be more effective as compared to Facebook OR Do we need to give the new baby some time ?


  1. Nice Post,

    I think G+ will not beat easily Facebook because we all know very well how much traffic is come on Facebook in a day and for that we need to work so hard for that.

  2. HEllo Author,

    I think we can make Google+ page easily with the help these instructions.

  3. Google is just copying FB, now it should also bring feature to pull posts on google page from our site’s feed.

  4. Thanks for this Post. I will create a Google+ Page for my Blog.

  5. i was thinking of creating a brand in Google +. very timely information for me

  6. Great tutorial, I like the new Google plus pages….Let we see how they will evolve!

  7. Great tips, Mani… gonna go and create a Google+ page now. 🙂

  8. Back to the workshop and do a Google + website directly.

  9. Have to create Google + page for the blog. And, those steps should be much easier to follow . Thanks a lot for given how to create a Google + page for the blog data on here.

  10. Thank you for the instructions, Mani. I haven’t taken a serious look at Google+ yet but it looks like it will continue to be an increasingly viable alternative to Facebook.


  11. Great feature released by Google . Going to create one for my blog.
    Thanks for sharing the method for creating it ..

  12. Some marketers are frustrated that there is yet another social media network that they need to manage for business. While it will take additional time, it’s important to create a Google+ page. SEO and social media continue to become more and more integrated, meaning that Google will look at + data when determining rank.

  13. hello!,I really like your Blog very much! Here Articles are Awesome

  14. I have just set up a G+ page for my personal blog with the help of this post, thank you!

  15. Thanks for this step by step tutorial. Very easy to follow it seems, but haha, I have still not yet create my Google+ page. Okay, will do that later, ya! 🙂

  16. Great tutorial I have needed to do this but have been lazy!

  17. This is really a news for me. Thanks a lot. I never knew this we could associate our blogs with G+.

  18. Creating a Google + page is same if not easier than facebook.

  19. Hi Mani,
    Thanks for sharing with us a complete and easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make a Google+ page for our blogs. I think in the long run it will become a competitive rival to Facebook and Twitter.

  20. I think G+ has a LONG way to go before they can consider themselves a strong competitor to Facebook, so many people won’t be utilizing it. I, however, plan on using G+ and these instructions will surely help.

  21. I think Google + is definitely going to grow. It seems like it has died off a little since going public but businesses will continue to pander to it’s marketing plan. As small businesses continue to grow in the internet field and develop stronger SEO strategies, Google + will become a larger part of their marketing strategy.

  22. Thanks for your great step-by-step tutorial. I like your blog by the way, really easy to read and follow. Not sure about Google+, it may overtake Facebook, it may not. But every organisation should have a Google+ page anyway as it is better to have a Google+ presence than not. Regards, Fleur

  23. google plus is not just a social network as what others say… it can be a great tool to advertise your website. its more affordable than any other advertising too and it is efficient.

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