Facebook to introduce Group Chatting & Downloadable User data feature

Facebook Chatbox

Facebook is the current No #2 site in the world according to the Alexa. So we can expect changes from their highly rated developmental team. Today Mark Zuckerberg & his team sent in personal invites to the press people for a check-in at Facebook’s headquarters in California. Last week it introduced a new flash image uploader & improved the tagging system.

It’s changing something or the other on a constant basis. Like a month ago it announced the discontinuation of support to application profile boxes. The way Facebook has invited the press, it seems this time there is a major-major update. Maybe, we could experience a redesign like what we saw in the New Twitter Preview.

Facebook Major Updates

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Now lets take a loot at the major points pointed out in this press conference.

Group Chatting

The much awaited feature has finally arrived or we can say it’s on the path of being implemented. Group chatting will be very beneficial for Internet users, Entrepreneurs & most importantly bloggers.

The only tedious job for us is the put your group chatters in a particular group. As it’s not just a select type function from your entire friend’s list. In the image you can clearly see how a small display pic is being shown in the group chatbox.

Downloadable User-Data

This would be one of the important features which facebook lacks currently. It would basically be a backup of your facebook account on your local hard drive. There would be an option where you would be getting a .zip file of your fb account, consisting of all the data, tagged photos, videos, etc. You just need to save it in your Hard disk.

Facebook Downloadable Userdata

Here I would not agree with facebook. As we are moving very fast in the technology sector, the demand for cloud computing has increased over the last 1-2 years. So, why would I store it in my Hard Drive, when my hard disk is more vulnerable to crashes. Storing it online or you can call it Syncing would be a much better option like what Google provides in most of it’s products.

Note :– Facebook is rolling out these updates slowly to all the users. So if you haven’t got them, then there is no point in worrying about it!

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Do you see any major updates starting to pop-up on your facebook account ??


  1. I am eagerly waiting for the group chatting thing to be launched…Its going to be exciting

    1. You can experience it live Rahul as it’s activated on most of the accounts.

  2. Another wonderful update from facebook
    but i cannot see this on my profile , can you see it ?
    When can this be rolled to all users ?

    1. looks like that I can not even see it, any suggesstion how to make it work?

      1. Usi, it’s not available for every fb account. Facebook is rolling out these updates slowly. Like I got to see the groups feature, but haven’t go the Downloadable User-Data feature.

    2. I could experience only the Groups feature. Still awaiting the Downloading one. There is no time limit. Maybe by this week your account will have both these features!

  3. I see this as a movement by facebook to be less bound to there web browser interface. They have started to reach the realistic limits of javascript- they are starting to have a shift to client side programs.

    1. Yup, M still waiting for the Downloadable User-Data feature. Have you got it on your account ??

  4. really annoying feature, Zuck has to introduce some serious privacy settings before its goes out of hand.

    1. yup, I agree with you. Downloading User data just like that without any core privacy would affect the whole network.

  5. I am waiting for FB to sent me mail that your download is ready !!!
    Its good to see Fb rollin g out new features slowly n graduallYY!

  6. Thanks to Facebook as it has been rollling out frequent chnages in it to make it more productive and easy to use!!! Nice post!! Good explanation!!!

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