Facebook unveils the Hovercards feature

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Facebook the current Social Networking giant today unveiled the Hover effect feature which is commonly called as Hovercards.

Few months ago Twitter had introduced the same feature to display insights of a user’s profile.

This feature gets activated as you hover on a profile, page, or a group.


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It will show you insights of the profile if you’re hovering over a user’s profile link along with other options like its Display Pic, Our Mutual friends,  ‘Add as Friend‘ and a ‘Send Message’ option to directly add or send message.


Similarly for a fan page it will show the picture of the fan page, under which category it lies, how many people like and the last how many friends like it. Take a look at the screenshot so that you will get a clear view.

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So what do you think of this addition to Facebook, will it be useful or not. For me it certainly would. Share your views with me using the comments section!


  1. LinkedIn ‘s hovercards which were used for years paved the way for hovercards used on any blog/site. Twitter’s hovercards also a step in this direction, and it’s no surprise that facebook is following suit.

    The usage statistics we’re seeing usage of these hovercards at 1 hover for every 4 pageviews, indicates a wide acceptance of hovercards as a accessability and for contextual browsing experiences. A far cry from the days of intext where advertising ruled the roost. I expect more companies to either partner with companies like Hover.in, Apture, Glue, Zemanta or come up with their own versions of hovercards to boost what the one problem that they solve well. Distribution.


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