How the New Facebook Affects Social Media Marketing

Written by: Sandeep Challa

Updated: October, 13, 2011

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The New Facebook (if we may call it), launched in September 2011, knocked the socks off of Facebook users and made quite a few fans of the social networking site angry. But as we all know in the world of social media, change is constant. Facebook users will soon get used to the total overhaul and will even embrace the new interface with all of its intricacies and changes.
To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to explore the new Facebook and find out exactly what it means for you when it comes to marketing your company through social media.

Standout points for Social Media Marketing with the New Facebook

  1. Only User Photos are bigger – Facebook has enabled photos posted by users to appear bigger on newsfeeds. This is great for users posting photos from their last vacation, but for businesses with a Facebook Fan Page, they are not given the same courtesy.
    Facebook Photo Albums
    Bigger photos now made to look like an Album

    It will be more difficult for a business’s photo(s) to stand out since they will appear as small images between the much larger photos posted by other users.
  2. Possibility for reduced Newsfeed Visibility – Depending on how often a user interacts with your Fan Page, your post may only appear in the Sidebar Tickerinstead of the main newsfeed. This could mean that the post wasn’t very popular, or that the user hadn’t interacted with your brand lately.
    Facebook Ticker
    Facebook Ticker - Yes, it really Ticks off fast

    Another aspect of the new sidebar Ticker is that it’s instant and gives you updates from ‘friends of friends’ category as well. So you need to keep a good eye on what comes and goes through it.
  3. New Share function for Fan Pages – The new Share function will enable fans to share posted content from the brands that they follow in social media. However, this share function will only enable a Facebook user to share posts that are public. Brands can also click on ‘View All Shares’ to see what other Facebook users have shared from their fan page. This is a great way for a business to track a social media conversation and see which of their posts are most popular.
  4. More Fan Page User interaction – With the new Facebook interface, any user can interact with a business’s fan page to like or comment on a post, even if they’re not official fans of the page. This can be a good and a bad thing for a business with a Fan Page. It could greatly improve the feedback and reaction to a post, but it could make it more difficult to get Facebook users to commit to liking a page. A business may also be open to backlash and criticism from users who are not fans of their Facebook page.
So as a business’s Social Media person what is your strategy to cope up with the new Facebook changes ?


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