A review of Political Advertising in Twitter

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Twitter has gained popularity in the social media category and the political leaders have not been left behind. Candidates who are stuck on the traditional methods of personality branding are left behind as more and more people have switched and changed with the world.

To be seen and heard have moved from famous print media and televisions to the high traffic in social media more so the Twitter. The best example is the use of online personal branding by one presidential candidate of the USA and the results, as great as the president’s seat was won by him.

Promoted Tweet
Promoted Tweet

Future of Twitter in political advertising

  • Open market: Presidential candidates are expected to use Twitter in the political campaign in 2012. Promoted Tweets, Promoted trends and Promoted Accounts have been set up for use by presidential candidates.
  • The race is on: Various candidates have already launched their campaigns for the race to white house and president Obama has not been left behind. In April he launched his re-election campaign and by July he held a Twitter town hall meeting for his 7.28 million who are followers of his Twitter account. This exclusive meeting was for Twitter users only. Important queries were asked and answered through a live webcast on topics like war, economy and jobs.
  • Revenues: Twitter launched its campaign last year (2010) to capitalize on the national political conversations. It has not been easy to make revenues that match prominence and popularity of the newly found political executives. All stake holders are gearing up to take a share of the presidential campaign budget. Twitter is expected to perform better above all the other social media networks.
  • Use of organic platforms: Twitter has keenly followed up the use of organic platforms by well known politicians. The consumers enjoy asking questions as well as reading messages posted on Twitter by the politicians. As many as five presidential candidates have signed on to use Twitter. There is a great possibility of using ads directly on users though at the moment short updates are used on the group of people one chooses to follow.
  • Distinguished styling: People are searching names of personalities they are interested on as well as various topics of interest. There has been clear mark of distinguishing the political ad and the business ads to avoid disappointment. The political sponsored tweets will bear a purple (might have changed) check-mark while the business ads will not have any mark.

The impact of twitter on the political career outcome cannot be denied. Congressmen using twitter number has doubled in the in the last few months. This is an indication of readiness of many candidates and change of campaign strategies to use the already set stage of online marketing.

The political advisers are warning those who are still holding onto outdated mode of campaign the speed at which information is passed on to people and its effectiveness on numbers reached.

So what’s your view on this whole topic of political ads on Twitter ?


  1. Twitter’s new look is much better than old.Twitter now decide to give good competition to no1 social networking site Facebook.I love tweeting.Its wonderful platform to share ideas,experience,thoughts with world.

  2. Finally the time has been come for use new look of twitter and we all know very well what is the importance of twitter in social media sites.

  3. Thinking outside the box here, you know, the person who created twitter must be loving this right now, I sure know I would be.

  4. I understand why they are doing it but I am not going to follow it. It would really take up too much time and distract me I think.

  5. Interesting news…By the way i still don’t understand if sponsored tweets made by user comply with Twitter’s Term of Service

  6. Yea I don’t get sponserd tweets either, Albert. They seem kinda wrong to me.

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