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7 WordPress Plugins to protect your Blog against Spam Comments


Protect your blog from Spam Comments

As bloggers, we are used to seeing spam comments in our WordPress Dashboard daily. But should we keep on checking each and every comment ? Obviously not. When WordPress offers  such a wide range of SPAM Plugins, then why you need to worry about it. Today, I will be listing out 7 Antispam WordPress Plugins... Read More

How to Monetize Your WordPress Blog


Advertising Space

A whole lot of money is made on the Internet using websites and blogs. Since WordPress is one of the top content management systems available, it makes sense that there will be a lot of good ways to monetize a WordPress blog. While on the surface it may seem like there are only a few... Read More

5 Ways to Decrease Load time of a WordPress Blog


Decrease Load Time

Well, most of us use WordPress as a CMS for the purpose of Blogging. But how many of us have really worked on Decreasing our Load time ? Load time is an important aspect of any site. The more the time a site takes to load, the higher are the chances of your visitors exiting... Read More

3 Simple Tips to Produce Quality Content on Single Niche Blogs


Niche Blogging

Well, it becomes difficult when your blog is based on a Single niche. Unlike Tech Blogs, in such Single Niched blogs it’s difficult to produce content daily. I’m not talking about a blog having a Single niche, say Technology. Technology is a vast niche. It includes many sub-categories under it. I used to blog on... Read More

Do Digg counts determine your Blog’s Popularity ?


Digg counts

This is a Guest Post by Gunter Jameson who writes about several topics including travel, minimalism and online classes. Social Plugins are awesome. No doubt they are some of the best things you can put on your blog. They allow visitors to your site the ability to quickly and easily share your blog on individual... Read More

9 ways to Promote your Blog other than SEO



This is a guest post written by James Adams who works as a blogger at a leading toner cartridges supplier in the UK. If you want to post a guest post then Contact me for the time being. Getting exposure to your blog is important so you can reach as many potential customers as possible.... Read More

Top 10 WordPress Plugins which I use on DailyBlogging


Wordpress Logo

So I believe that starting with a top 10 post is always good, since many people remain confused of which all plugins they should use on their WordPress blog. It mostly remains common as we all get the top 10 list from various sites, but as time progresses the list keeps on updating, some plugins... Read More

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