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Top Commentators Award for September 2011


TCA September 2011

It’s been a couple of months since we announced the last Top Commentators Award i.e. July 2011. As I had alerted on DailyBlogging’s Facebook page that we won’t be announcing the award for August as I was out of town and hence failed to capture the screenshot of the Top Commentators Widget  at the end... Read More

Top Commentators Award for July 2011


Top Commentators Award August 2011

It’s time to reward our awesome commentators with the Top Commentators Award. As you all know the reward is a 125*125 Banner slot and from a couple of months we are choosing it by a random process rather than picking the top two from the Top Commentators widget. Because of this random process the SPAM... Read More

Top Commentators Award now chosen by a Random process


It’s almost 3 weeks since I wrote a post myself. All thanks to my guest posters whose posts helped in keeping DailyBlogging up and running with constant traffic. It’s a common knowledge that good posts attract good comments. So if you remember, a few months ago we had introduced Banner Slots as the Top Commentators... Read More

Top Commentators Award for May 2011


Top 3 Commentators

As you know, we reward our awesome commentators every month with the Top Commentators Award. This award consists of a 125*125 Banner Spot with a Dofollow link. To learn more about this monthly contest go to our Top Commentators Award post. We normally give the Top Commentators Award to only the Top two commentators. But... Read More

Top Commentators Award for April 2011


Rewarding Commentators

If you are a regular visitor or reader of DailyBlogging, you would know that a couple of months ago I had announced that there will be some reward for our awesome commentators i.e. in the form of a banner image (Size : 125*125). We call it the ‘Top Commentators Award’. Read : Top Commentators Award... Read More

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