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Blogging Language : Add it to your Blog Checklist


This is a Guest Post by Karan Lugani who is a Tech Blogger. Read more about him in the author box placed below the post. Blogging has become so common that a blog is run by a 6 year old to a 99 year old. Creating a platform to share views is often taken lightly... Read More

3 Ways to Deal with Negative Comments on your Blog



On Tuesday we saw a list of plugins to prevent Spam Comments. But Spam isn’t the only thing bloggers have to deal with. They even have to deal with negative comments. Some deal with it, in a counter-attacking way whereas others deal it in a very soft manner. Now which is the right way to... Read More

7 WordPress Plugins to protect your Blog against Spam Comments


Protect your blog from Spam Comments

As bloggers, we are used to seeing spam comments in our WordPress Dashboard daily. But should we keep on checking each and every comment ? Obviously not. When WordPress offers  such a wide range of SPAM Plugins, then why you need to worry about it. Today, I will be listing out 7 Antispam WordPress Plugins... Read More

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