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How to add the Popular posts widget in WordPress without a plugin


Popular Posts

We all know how important it is to selectively use plugins on a WordPress blog. Reason being it reduces the load time due to additional querying of our databases. So the ultimate alternative is to use custom codes where ever possible. Again if you really want to choose plugins then take a look at our... Read More

How to Add and Style Share Buttons in your WordPress posts


Add Share Buttons to WordPress

How much ever effort you put in Producing Quality Content, you will still find only few visitors visiting your blog. That’s because you don’t promote the posts well. It can also be put this way, you are not offering an Opportunity to them, to Promote your Posts. To correct this issue, you need to provide... Read More

5 Ways to Decrease Load time of a WordPress Blog


Decrease Load Time

Well, most of us use WordPress as a CMS for the purpose of Blogging. But how many of us have really worked on Decreasing our Load time ? Load time is an important aspect of any site. The more the time a site takes to load, the higher are the chances of your visitors exiting... Read More

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