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How to Mass Delete Unused Tags in WordPress


Delete Unused WordPress Tags

Bloggers often come across the word spam and we have already covered a list of plugins to prevent spam comments. But what about registered users who create awful number of tags and never return back or use it in their posts ? Sometimes even we create tags which remain unused in our blog posts. Do... Read More

How to Setup a Cron Job for taking Nightly Backups of Databases


setup cron job

Sometimes you are in such a situation where your blog gets hacked or broken and you don’t have a single backup. Such a situation is a nightmare for any blogger. Plugins help you in this situation by automating the process of backing up your WordPress databases. But what if the plugins don’t do their job... Read More

How to Safely Move your WordPress Blog from One Host to Another


Moving a WordPress Blog Safely

Last month we moved from Bluehost to HostGator. But I didn’t write or mention anywhere in the recent posts at DailyBlogging. The reason behind this was at that time I was designing our Theme. So I didn’t want to divert my attention towards other things. Coming to the main point, the reason why we moved... Read More

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