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Check when you Created your GMail Account


GMail Account Creation Date

Ever felt the need to know when you had filled up the sign-up form for GMail ? Perhaps, GMail was invite-only when you signed up for your first Google Mail id. It probably were the good old days of GMail BETA. To start with, I would like to make it clear that there is no... Read More

Import Emails and Contacts from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail with Gmail Switch


Gmail Switch

About 6 years ago I had opened an account on Yahoo! Mail. At that time Yahoo! was clearly ahead of everyone including MSN or Hotmail in the Email line. Two years later Google launched it’s own mail service i.e. Gmail. But Google did a smart thing to create a hype around Gmail. Gmail was open... Read More

Gmail Adds the Click to Call Feature Inside Mails


Gmail hyperlinked numbers

Quite a while back, Gmail had introduced the call to mobile phones feature; with which one could call to a phone number directly from your Gmail Account. But the unfortunate thing is, it’s still FREE only to US & Canada users. Today, Gmail has added another feature named ‘Click to Call’ in it’s Call function.... Read More

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