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HowTo Add Google +1 Button in WordPress


Add +1 Button in WordPress

We’ve already talked a lot about the +1 Button. Right from it’s Introduction as the Like Button Killer to the Vote up for Search results type button. Like, other Google products even the +1 Button has attracted some critics. They say that the +1 Button won’t be as helpful or recommendation(al) as it sounds since... Read More

Sign Up to Get the +1 Button for your Website or Blog


Get +1 Button

Yesterday morning we posted about the Google +1 Button acting as a Vote up for Search Results. In that post, I had mentioned that Google is planning to release the +1 button as a Social Media button too. It will still take some months for the +1 button to come up for websites or blogs.... Read More

Google +1 Button will Act as a Vote Up for Search Results


+1 button

Google is number 1 because it runs on a trial and error method. It gives us an opportunity to try out some new stuff. Like Gmail, Orkut had beta invites, even Google has an experimental version for us to try out and give the desired feedback. Today, the big daddy G unleashed another one of... Read More

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