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55+ Staggering Google My Business Statistics in 2020

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Now, Google has its own business directory tool, Google My Business helping the business get found online.
Google my Business(GMB) can improve the business. Visibility through local SEO connects you to the new audiences, helps you to understand the online customer behavior around your business surroundings.

5 Tips to Write a Catchy Google AdWords Advertisement


Google AdWords

AdWords is Google’s bread and butter. This is where the majority of its income comes from. The reason is simple: it works. AdWords brings in revenue for advertisers because Google is really good at serving relevant content to users all over the world. In order to take advantage of this massive advertising platform, you have... Read More

Google concedes to add a ‘Do Not Track’ Button in Chrome


Chrome Do Not Track

Google finally agreed to add a ‘Do Not Track‘ button in it’s in-house browser, Chrome. Since the introduction of the SOPA act there has been a lot of talk about privacy and tracking. Most tech companies had taken a clear stand on whether they need to track their visitors and supply site resources (on-site features,... Read More

Get Live Scores of Top Football League Matches on Google


Live Football Scores

From an year or so Google is trying to take it’s search algorithm to another level by presenting live scores, events, etc. with a simple search. You can argue that such simple one or two word queries aren’t required in this day and age of live score extensions,streams & updates. But again, if you are... Read More

3 Ways to Perform a Quick Search within your own Tweets


Search Tweets

A couple of days back I was preparing my all time favourite snack Maggi and wanted to share with the Maggi group. Yes, we have formed a Maggi Group, no kidding. But the problem was that, the last time someone among the group shared a tweet including all the group tweeters was some 10-15 days... Read More

How to Transfer your FeedBurner Feeds


Transfer FeedBurner Feeds

Many Bloggers have AdSense on one Google Account & their FeedBurner Feeds on another. It is not possible to Monetize such feeds as they are not associated to your AdSense account. And believe me if you’ve a Blog with huge number of Email Subscribers, then should add AdSense to your RSS Feeds. Read : Add... Read More

Is Google celebrating its 12th Birthday today ?



Well the answer to the question maybe YES. Because if you visit Google (US Version/Indian version) you would probably see a logo which consists of a Google logo pasted over the cake. To be utterly frank the art form is not that good. But credits to Wayne Thiebaud for this image. With a little research... Read More

Google signs an agreement to acquire ITA Software


Google Logo

ITA which is regarded as one of the popular most travel software agencies on the net has its luck which has leaded it get Google sign an agreement to acquire it. Google which has been on an acquisition row lately acquiring the popular desktop software BumpTop. The main reasons why Google is quite interested in... Read More

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