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Get back the Old Google Accounts Sign-up form and avoid Google+


Google Accounts

Recently Google took a blatant decision to promote Google+ where ever it could find white-space. Due to this, Google has been at the receiving end of a lot of flak from social media and marketing experts. People are not annoyed with the intent to promote a company’s native social network on it’s own platform but... Read More

How to Create a Facebook like ‘Like Box’ for Google+ Pages


Google+ Like Box

Earlier this month, the much awaited Google+ pages were launched. Many bloggers including me, were excited about this new engaging, promotion tool. The blogging community looks forward for every opportunity to promote their brand, posts, etc. So it’s difficult to question the excitement levels within us. Today it’s almost 3 weeks and I particularly haven’t... Read More

How to create a Google+ Page for your Blog


Google+ page

Today, the much awaited Google+ pages were opened up to the general public. It obviously created a lot of buzz on popular tech blogs and forums. As bloggers we can put up a happy face as most of us want as many opportunities as possible to promote our blogs. Google+ pages could be another medium,... Read More

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