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HowTo Add Google +1 Button in WordPress


Add +1 Button in WordPress

We’ve already talked a lot about the +1 Button. Right from it’s Introduction as the Like Button Killer to the Vote up for Search results type button. Like, other Google products even the +1 Button has attracted some critics. They say that the +1 Button won’t be as helpful or recommendation(al) as it sounds since... Read More

HowTo : Remove the generator meta-tag in Joomla


Joomla Meta-Tag Generator

WordPress is considered as a giant Blogging tool but when it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS), Joomla is the king. Though both can’t be compared as they are used differently for different purposes. With Joomla you can build a CMS, blogging site (not popular, but it could be built up) & as it’s open... Read More

HowTo : Solve ‘the file-format module cannot parse the file’ error in Photoshop



Yesterday, when I was working on a client’s site, I got an error in Photoshop while using a .PNG file which normally works pretty well in Photoshop (PS). This error was new to me & it seemed weird too. Then I started researching on this weird PS error & found some solutions to not overcome it actually, but you can call it alternatives

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