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Why CakePHP should be chosen for Developing Web Structures ?



CakePHP can be called as the best open source framework for web development because it is instilled with most innovative features which simplifies the web development process. Along with the advantages of CakePHP, it is also the well accepted fact that having the knowledge of the technical language is not enough for the software professionals.... Read More

How to add the Popular posts widget in WordPress without a plugin


Popular Posts

We all know how important it is to selectively use plugins on a WordPress blog. Reason being it reduces the load time due to additional querying of our databases. So the ultimate alternative is to use custom codes where ever possible. Again if you really want to choose plugins then take a look at our... Read More

How To Add and Style Post Thumbnails with Captions in WordPress


Post Thumbnails

Today, most of the Bloggers use WordPress as a platform for blogging. But there are so many functions in WordPress which are rarely utilized in a normal blog. One such function is Post Thumbnails with Captions. We are all aware about captions, but that is when we use them in normal post images. In this... Read More

HowTo Add a Category Menu in Thesis


Thesis Category Menu

A Couple of weeks ago I did a Comparison between Thesis v/s Genesis v/s Swift & I found Thesis to be superior between the other two. But as I had mentioned in that post, Thesis still lags behind in terms of the basic design. So I decided to design the theme of DailyBlogging myself. While... Read More

5 Ways to Increase the PHP Memory Limit in WordPress


WordPress PHP Fatal Errors

In case you are a blogger & you use WordPress; on some hosts you’ll notice a ‘Fatal Error : Memory Size Exhausted’ when you install a lot of plugins, upgrade to the latest WordPress version or even you’ll find an error in your Dashboard widget which prevents them from loading fully. In case you want... Read More

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