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Twitter is working on restoring Twitter Lists & Twitter Counts



Last week we posted about the addition of Follows in common & Followed by my follows to Twitter. Today when I checked my Twitter handle, I found something weird happening. Thought it was some code errors on the part of Twitter. But then realized that wasn’t the case. I Checked in Chrome,Firefox & even on... Read More

Follows in common & Followed by my follows are the latest additions to Twitter



Twitter is getting things to roll out at a steady pace week after week. Last week we heard about the forced, “Who To Follow” which ultimately sucked. It mostly shows verified users, opens the follow link on the same page & many other issues with that. But now Twitter has made simpler for Twitter users... Read More

Murali became the second Sri Lankan to trend on Twitter


Twitter Bird images

On 22nd of July, as Murali created history by taking 800 test wickets; there was a lot of buzz about him in Social sites. Twitter one of the popular Social networking site which uses trends to determine who is being talked about currently. It was expected from Twitter users to talk a lot about Murali,... Read More

Twitter adds the Top Tweet feature for Tweets with 100+ ReTweets



Twitter is the number one Micro-Blogging Site and its very important for it to maintain its ranking as day by day competition keeps on rising & you never know when a site comes with better features. So Twitter needs to keep its users happy enough by introducing new features & letting them to gain something... Read More

HootSuite Comes out with HootSuite 5


HootSuite Logo

HootSuite which is famous as an online based client for social networks has come out with some Mind Blowing features which were awaited by its users, even by me ; from a very long time. Last month even TweetDeck had undergone changes in their design and added some new and cool features. So maybe this... Read More

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