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How to Embed a Tweet in your WordPress Post


Embed Tweets in WordPress

With the New Twitter 2.0 making all the news, a little feature was also introduced along side called Embed Tweets. It didn’t attract many eyeballs as it was presented as a byline item and not many popular blogs covered it. Maybe some of them underestimated this feature. Do you remember something called the Blackbird Pie... Read More

How To Add and Style Post Thumbnails with Captions in WordPress


Post Thumbnails

Today, most of the Bloggers use WordPress as a platform for blogging. But there are so many functions in WordPress which are rarely utilized in a normal blog. One such function is Post Thumbnails with Captions. We are all aware about captions, but that is when we use them in normal post images. In this... Read More

8 Security Tips to Secure your WordPress Blog


WP Security

WordPress security is a major concern for every writer who uses WordPress as a blogging platform. Self hosted WordPress blogs are more vulnerable than third party hosted services like blogger. WordPress is one of the most used websites CMSs; this information-rich database is therefore a main target for website attacks. If your website generates a... Read More

HowTo Add Buffer Button in WordPress


Add Buffer Button in WordPress

Uniqueness always stays ahead and that’s what happened with Buffer. I remember Leo (Co-Founder of Buffer) had written a Guest Post here on DailyBlogging a few months back, on how to keep up with the evolving twitter. It was the time when Buffer was launched and he was working very hard on building up content... Read More

SE KeyRanker : Track Search Engine Ranking Position in WordPress


Track SE Ranking Positions

Finally, got to write a post after a week or so, thanks to all my Guest Posters who contributed some wonderful posts all this while. I hope you’ve checked March’s Traffic Stats. In that I’ve added a special paragraph for the Traffic Sources. If you take a closer look at it, you’ll find that almost... Read More

How to Setup a Cron Job for taking Nightly Backups of Databases


setup cron job

Sometimes you are in such a situation where your blog gets hacked or broken and you don’t have a single backup. Such a situation is a nightmare for any blogger. Plugins help you in this situation by automating the process of backing up your WordPress databases. But what if the plugins don’t do their job... Read More

SEO : Fix the ReplyToCom Spam Bot Issue and Prevent Content Duplication


replytocom spam bot

After we moved to Thesis, I reduced my visits to Google Webmaster Tools because I knew Thesis theme would do the job of SEO for me. But to my surprise, when I checked in today I found that there was a moderate duplication problem. It listed around 286 Duplicate meta-tags under the ‘HTML Suggestions’ section.... Read More

7 WordPress Plugins to protect your Blog against Spam Comments


Protect your blog from Spam Comments

As bloggers, we are used to seeing spam comments in our WordPress Dashboard daily. But should we keep on checking each and every comment ? Obviously not. When WordPress offers  such a wide range of SPAM Plugins, then why you need to worry about it. Today, I will be listing out 7 Antispam WordPress Plugins... Read More

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