5 Good things about Android OS that will make you say ‘YES’

Android OS

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Android was first advertised to be an “iPhone Killer” back in October 2008 when they made their first appearance. Though it did not make it so big as fast as they announced, it is slowly progressing towards its set target and this slow progress has been commended on lack of functionalities that iPhone could offer, and coming so far will take time for the Android developers and what they have achieved today is no less to anything else.

But in case you bought an iPod at that moment and you are pretty much amazed with the features given by iOS then learn how to convert iPod to iPhone.

Android Honeycomb

Discussed here are 5 things about Android OS which will make you saying a ‘yes’!

1. Multitasking is more versatile in Android

Right from the beginning Android has been designed to run multiple applications at the same time, which is something of a new technology in iPhone 4, that makes this technology to be more advanced and more versatile in comparison to the multitasking component offered on iPhone OS.

Using Android devices, it is possible to receive notifications, record GPS data and listen to music without keeping the applications open while you work on something else. For example, you need not switch off the FM radio when you want to use your browser.

2. Android App Market Is Much Better and growing faster

Despite the complaints that this is not easy to surf the Android app website as you can do so in Apple, Android has an open source market. This means Android accepts any application that and Android developer submits, unlike Apple which puts on a restrictions, giving the user the choice to decide whether they want to use an application or not as long as is compatible with Android OS.

However, Android market has 50,000 applications and is still doing well. In Android market, the best app is the one that succeeds and not the first one to arrive.

3. Android allows you to choose the hardware

When this comes to the question of apple all you get the option of hardware specifications are only two options, which are only 16 GB or the 32 GB, both differing in the price. However, this is not the case with Android, as you can choose a range of hardware specifications, which will support a range of hardware that can support entertainment, gaming and business.

Since Android is an open platform, this will allow you to pair with powerful graphical chips for gaming and entertainment to dual core processor for better performance.

4. Android allows you to choose your carrier

With iPhone, you are bound to the carrier whom Apple has chosen and that will be AT&T and recently Verizon. This has resulted in a number of rising issues for which the carrier is also to be blamed of like dropping calls and not so good internet connections.

While in Android, this is not going to be the case as you will find a range of devices over a number of carriers like T-Mobile, AT & T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint and much more in other countries also. This is because a number of manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola and others are adopting Android OS platform.

5. Android allows to change Settings Faster

The mobile technology has seemed to be facing a major revamping in the technology in the past decade, which will include the introduction of new functionalities like Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G and 4G, Bluetooth, and much more.

But this has taken a toll on the battery life, for which also a solution comes in handy that the users are allowed to choose between the settings, and the ability to change between these settings are much quicker than you could imagine.

Which more ‘pros’ points would you consider before going out and buying an Android based phone ?


  1. Awesome post, I am also looking to buy android OS mobile soon. Now it got much more soon! thank you for your post. Really helpful to know some of features.

  2. Android is new boom in mobile industry and you can now find that every mobile company is offering android.

  3. Android has always been in news. No wonder it has made a very strong impact on smart phone market.

  4. Nice post Praveen.
    Also read your other post on a blog, which make me says NO to Android 😛

  5. One more thing that makes Android better is recently Android app store takes leads from Apple apps store with more free applications support.

  6. It has a lot of advantages in it. so, i would like to say thanks for given great post on here 🙂

  7. Android has captured a major market share in very less time. No doubt, it has got the best features ever. I don’t know about it being an “iPhone killer”, but surely, it has become “Symbian Killer” 🙂

  8. I really like the Android approach and the open feel that it has. Thats the one thing I have always disliked about Apple because most of the time it is either their way or no way. It just feels so restricted with Apple.


  9. Android is a strong rival of iOS. Within a year Google is enjoying its hike in the market, no doubt its feature are quite awesome. great share

  10. Awesome Android features, Thanks

  11. Good features. Who makes the best Android phones currently?… HTC? Problem with HTC Android phones is that the internal memory is super small!! This is the biggest problem with HTC phones!

  12. Android is the next big thing…Good phones and good feature…But thier app take a lot of battery…

  13. Android phones are really good, and the best feature I like is their multi-tasking capability. Android, way to go!

  14. I am also looking to buy android OS mobile soon. Now it got much more soon! thank you for your post. Really helpful to know some of features.

  15. Im looking to run the Android OS on my laptop sadly no one has taken the time to add the drivers I need to run it .I am semi-new to editing source code so simplicity would be nice.

  16. I’ve been looking for a phone to meet my needs, and Android is a good option. Is there a way I can get a phone with keyboard, capable of running Android OS? If so, will I be able to use it on Optics? Thanks

  17. so im kinda stuck with at&t for a while. it sucks. if i had verizon, i cud get the droid x and if i had sprint, i cud get the evo. but so far i think the best android at&t has right now is the samsung captivate. i actually think its a good phone. it has a 1ghz processor, and a super amoled screen, plus it looks good.

  18. Hello Mani,

    I like almost every feature of Android but multitasking the best one feature of Adroid.

  19. I like almost every feature of Android that y i wana buy this mobile phone.

  20. Jasmine not only HTC all phones have less internal memory but they are quite enough to use Android’s features.. If you root your Android and install a custom ROM then those devices can also work more faster..

    and as we know there is always a option to extend memory using a SD card usually all Android can be extended to 16GB..

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