Foradian Technologies reveals the 2.0 version of Rupee Foradian

Written by: Muninder

Updated: July, 18, 2010

As we all know that on 15th July Indian Rupee got a new Currency Symbol which was wisely chosen by an IIT Graduate. But there was a buzz in the internet world on HowTo use this symbol since it needs approval from Unicode for the symbol to get international recognition and for internet users to use it on the net. But certainly if you want to type the Rupee Symbol in blogs, forums, sites then you can download a font named Rupee Foradian which is developed by Foradian Technologies, a Mangalore Based Company. The first font was developed on 16th of July, the very next day after the Symbol was officially selected & was simply called as ‘Rupee’.


Today, in the morning Foradian Technologies revealed the 2.0 version of the font which has all the letters & is based on the font BitstreamVera. Here is a small quote from Foradian Technologies on why the 2.0 version had to come in place of the original Rupee font.

Some people reported that they are facing a problem to select font from the drop down list of MS Office and similar applications. This is because we haven’t included glyphs for letters from A to Z. We are serious about copyright issues. Most of the fonts have complex copyright terms.

For the font to work you will need to first download the font from Foradian Technologies’s Official Blog. Then the select the font apply the size if you want, then press the Grave Ascent Symbol (`) to apply the Rupee Symbol (`)  We need to do this since Foradian Technologies have mapped the Grave Ascent Symbol with the Rupee Symbol. Here is a small image from Photoshop which will fetch you a crystal clear image that the Grave Ascent Symbol (`) is converted into the Rupee Symbol.
Rupee Foradian
This is a great work done by Foradian, which enables us to use the Rupee Symbol at least in offline applications for the time being till it is officially encoded in the UNICODE to make it work Universally.
–> Download Rupee Foradian Font (Direct Link)
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