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Finally the Weekends have arrived & in India it’s the festival of Holi tomorrow. So Happy Holi to all my friends here. Play safe, don’t waste loads of water & most importantly don’t force anyone who isn’t willing to play Holi.

Don’t try and read the title again, because you seriously read it right the first time around. Hostable offers you 3 Years Unlimited Hosting for just 0.99$, that comes to 0.33$ per year. So, all you Internet geeks and writers who wish to host your own Website or a blog can give this offer a serious look in.

Hostable CPanel 1.0 (PRO)

Well Hostable says it’s a free offer, but all know it’s a pretty well know Marketing trick to add the word “FREE” on the main page & include some charges later on. But I don’t care if I’m getting a package of 3 Years Unlimited Hosting with the latest CPanel & PHP version for just 0.99$. Yes, when you see low costs/discounts a Question arises in your mind, Why they are offering it at such low rates. The next section of this post answers your question.

History of Hostable & Reasons to Choose it

Before starting it, I would like to mention that neither I’m an affiliate of Hostable nor this is a Paid Review. I’m sharing it with you since I bought it yesterday night & I found the service pretty reliable.

  • Brinkster Communications Ltd. owns Hostable.
  • Brinkster is around from 1999 & is pretty trustworthy.
  • was registered in the year 2002.
  • The amount is pretty less. So no harm in giving it a try.
  • I myself have bought and tested it. [HTML & CSS Test, WP Test]

Features of Hostable

Hostable Features
Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Addon/Parked/Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited SQL Databases
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists, Email & FTP Accounts.
  • It’s CPanel uses a 256-bit SSL Encryption.
  • SiteLock – Basic Included in the Package.

So go and give Hostable a try. I would recommend you to use PayPal rather than using your Credit Card (CC) for payment.

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Would you go and give Hostable’s Unlimited Offer a try ?

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  1. Ohh no.. I don’t have Balances left in PayPal.. will try out soon..

    1. I had some PP balance that they & I purchased it. You can withdraw from ur bank & purchase it too Rohit.

  2. Nice Way to attract users.. 😉

    and nice offer too.. 😀

    1. Promotional Offers like these catch hype. Hope their servers could support the enormous traffic on that day 😛

  3. The cost seems to be very cheap. But I hope the service shouldn’t be as cheap as that.

    1. Apart from the Support system, the CPanel looks pretty organized & works normally.

  4. i dont know how gud it will be but i dont mind taking 0.99 dollar risk for 3 yrs hosting… 🙂 worth a shot 🙂

    1. It does deserve a shot. one dollar is nothing for a CPanel Unlimited Hosting which runs for 3 whole years.

      1. yeah u r right…its gud for testing purpose or fake sites 😆

  5. This is great deal…and 99 cents are nothing to give a try….so i bought it today….though i didn’t like the support that much hope the service will not let me down….

    1. Even I wasn’t much impressed with their Support system. Posted a query about Ad Credits when I bought it. I’am yet to receive an answer to that Question.

  6. This is a great offer. I’ll check it. Thanks Mani

  7. Looks like a real good offer. I am going to get an account for me. Thanks for sharing the info man.

    1. Thanks Sathish for stopping by. Hope you liked the offer & purchased it.

  8. not a bad offer going to buy no. Really helpful for me in testing out tutorials on this server rather than my own server
    One question but what about after 3 years

    1. Well, after 3 years, we’ll find another company offering such a deal…:p

    2. After 3 years, you can switch anytime of course… I presume. Anyway, do read the fine prints, and check out their terms and conditions carefully.

      1. @Vivek, Rohit & Jasmine are right. After 3 years or in between that period there will be many companies who’ll be offering such promotional offers. So you can always switch over.

  9. hey mani..nice info man…any btw why are not prefering cerdit card? cant i buy the hosting using my debit card??

    1. Sumanth, I preferred paying via PayPal because it’s a company which is quite low-profiled. So I didn’t want to take a risk of presenting my CC details.

  10. Thanks for letting us know. I recently shifted to WordPress and presently paying hosting charges on a monthly basis. This cheap plan would help me…:)

    1. You’ll be able to host your blog for 3 years at a cheap rate. Till the time you can earn some money online & pay the future hosting bills 🙂

      1. Yes, that thing sounds good. But, the question is ” How reliable are they”. I need to test the performance of their servers first. Only then, I can go ahead with the idea of making them host my premiere blog(..:P)

  11. This is too good to be true! But I am sure you don’t want to host serious stuff on their servers, with such a low price, you most likely will not get great technical support, and their servers will be lack of features.

    1. @ Jasmine: I do not think this is a nice offer. I have just checked my friend ‘s who are using hostable and found that there are more than 10k hosted on one server. Horrible! You can whois dethanhcong (com) now. However, this offer is great for new comer.

    2. Yes, obviously one isn’t going to host something really serious on such a server. I’ve bought only for testing purpose. But newbie bloggers can seriously give this a try.

  12. What about a domain name? Do they offer a free domain name as well?
    If no, then you will have to buy a domain name or the host would be of no use!
    It would be foolish to shift your established domain to this host. That way why pay even $0.99, free hosts without ads are also available.

    1. Well , I forgot to mention in the post but they don’t require a domain for registration. They offer their sub-domain (automatically) once you register with them.

  13. I purchased the hosting yesterday. Its really cheap price. Lets see how it works.

    1. It is damn cheap. I just used it for an hour & haven’t logged into the CPanel after that. Will use it for testing purpose, theme designs only.

  14. For those based in India,

    Guys!. How did you make the payment?. It’s no more possible for us to pay with Paypal right?

    1. Rohit, it’s still possible for us to pay with PayPal. I payed with PP only 🙂 Y’day I even renewed my domain + bought a domain with PP

      1. Thanks for confirming!. I need to check it now.

          1. There’s something wrong with Paypal India.

            I can’t make payment through my account….neither my friends account could help.Did you connect your paypal account to your bank account?.

          2. Yes, Rohit is right. Paypal seems to have enabled some limit on people in India.

  15. I just purchased hosting, And every things seems to be okey right now. Thanks to share such a great information

    1. It’s good to know that you purchased the Hosting. Thanks for stopping by Rakesh!

  16. But how when the contract end? Did anyone read their TOS? Is there any penalty of cancellation?

    1. Which contract are you talking about Tan ?

      1. I mean will they penalty for something after 3 years when we terminate our account ?

        1. There will not be any penalty of sorts.

          If you feel it’s worthless, just remove your sites from it and find another host. Take care, you shouldn’t register a domain with them. Have a different domain registrar, if at all you need a domain.

  17. Actually, it’s good deals for all the blogger. But is it possible for 3 years?

    1. It’s a fabulous deal.

      Hope for the best. If anything really goes wrong, you can switch to a better host and all you lose is 99 cents and a little time.

  18. Awesome offer ! its almost free . Its unreliable but one can use it for test projects

    1. I’ve bought the server only for testing reasons.

  19. Thanks for the info mani. I will buy the hosting, but i am not sure of whether the hosting is worth.

    Is it good idea to host my current site on this new host? Because they might have overselled the server and if the traffic is more they many suspend without any warning, then it may become a problem…

    1. Well, there are such problems. But, you are not at a great loss….just a dollar and some time.

      Can opt for this package for testing purposes or for less important…less traffic sites. Perfect deal for webmasters who have lots of testing to do…

  20. I live in mumbai & i Gonna want to start new blog website.
    Can i prefer to use this web host for my new blog or i should try to find other host.
    Please help??????

    1. yes you can start off with Hostable & change later (once your website receives some big traffic)

      1. Thanx
        i want a domain name but not like “”
        Can i buy a new domain like “” on hostable ???????


        1. well you can’t really buy a domain from hostable. But you can buy a domain from Domain Registrars like and then add that domain as an ‘Addon Domain’ on Hostable.

  21. Its a great offer. But i have some issues with paypal. They dont accept my credit card and ven dont Approve my Bank Account.

  22. I have one of my sites hosted with them. It crashed once but overall value for the money that you are spending (hardly any 🙂 )

  23. Hostable Hosting is Good..and its cost is also economical for bloggers..

  24. I guess it wont but do u know any promo which is similar to this one..?

    1. This one’s almost an year old now. So wait for some days, after black friday and other discount days I will put something on the blog for offer.

  25. Is there any scheme with hostgator? If there is, mail me up please

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