Nexx offers Unlimited Clustered Hosting + free Domain for just $10

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Nexx Online. All opinions are 100% mine.

Aren’t you excited by just reading the title of the post ? But hell yeah, it’s the truth which I’m stating out here. Where will you get Unlimited Web Hosting + a Domain together for just 10$ which is in fact worth around $90+. So you are almost getting 85-90 % discount in this offer from Nexx.


So without wasting much time, we directly come to the main point of the plans & features of this business class hosting.

Ultimate Features

Disk space Unlimited
Bandwidth (Monthly) Unlimited
E-Mail Accounts Unlimited
Free Domain (.COM tld) 1
Free Registrar Transfers tick
Google AdWords Credits $50
Facebook Ad Credits $50
One click apps installer tick
MySQL Databases (5.0+) 30
24/7 Support tick
Money Back Guarantee tick

These web hosting services are powered by top-tier North American data center which makes use of Clustered services thereby causing no downtime or data loss issues. So you can host your websites & remain tension free.

Q. What is a Clustered Hosting ?

A. Basically a Clustered service is one which offers proper resource management to a website when its traffic is on a sudden high. Thereby there is less/no chance of your shared hosting account being suspended due to a very huge & sudden boost of traffic.

What more you expect from a company along with such excellent features. $10 for the first year very cheap along with a domain. Normal plans are around 3$/month. Since this is a promotional offer I have a code for my readers to unveil this cool plan just @ 10$ for the first year.

Use the discount code : SPARK10

The only drawback I found is that they don’t accept PayPal. But you can always use a valid Credit Card (CC) to buy the hosting plan @ 10$ for the first year!

Visit my sponsor: Unlimited Web Hosting + Domain Name for $10 @ Nexx

What do you have to say for such an awesome hosting plan ? Write in your views about this special promo plan from Nexx.

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    Its really cheap and affordable hosting, only $10 per year. thanks for sharing this info. I have also re-twitted it on my twitter.

    • #

      Thanks for the comment & I agree with u. And also thanks for RT Love!

  2. #

    Is these of real
    i want to know and there must me some kind of restriction like

    mysql database restriction

    • #

      well is a sister company launched by Netfirms. So I think it is trustable & MySql db’s aren’t Unlimited..Only 30 db’s

      Also , if you want entire info then go here –

  3. #

    nice post. thanks.

  4. #

    This would surely helpful for bloggers who don’t have much money to convert their free blog to own domain.
    BTW : RT Done…

    • #

      Yup, many bloggers who aren’t freelancers will go for free hosting. Rather than that such offers for quality hosting could be very beneficial at least for the first year & then for the second they can manage from their earning in the one yr span.

      Thanks for the RT Love & Comment 🙂

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    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  6. #

    Really Cheap but it need credit card 🙁
    But thanks for sharing
    Done RT 😉

    • #

      ya thats the only disadvantage 😛

      Thanks for the comment & RT 🙂

  7. #

    what’s it uptime and how much it cost from next year?

  8. #

    wonderful post This hosting package is so economical and affordable thanks for interesting post. 🙂 😉

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    Can i use SPACE for FILE SHAREING?????

  10. #

    Waste for me as I don’t have a credit card. Hope they accept PayPal.

    • #

      Yup Vishal, try to get one CC asap or you can also try VCC (Virtual Credit Card) and register @ Nexx.

      • Shintu

        how to to get CC asap or VCC?????????

  11. Shintu

    i want to get this.
    Its said coupons not valid.
    Can you give code to get that offer?

    • #

      Well this offer was months back. But you can get almost Free Unlimited Hosting (i.e. for 0.99$ for a period of 3 yrs)

      • Shintu

        That to has been closed down and you hav to pre-register.
        i found that Nexx offer is somewhat interesting
        you dont hav a code ,Spark10 has been Shown invalid….

        • #

          That Nexx offer is already finished. If you are looking for a Quality WordPress Hosting, then I would recommend HostGator. It will give you a month’s hosting for 0.01 cents. (Only for first month, after that normal charges apply).

          Will keep you updated as soon as I there is some discount or promo offer running.

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