DailyBlogging Weekly Round-up (12th July – 18th July,2010)

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This week we have come up with another round-up of the past weeks posts incase you missed some. This week I tried to post a little more completely 8 posts in a week thats just 1 more than a more per day. Incase you missed some important posts in this month then you can check the last to last weeks round-up between 5th July – 11th July. I’m also planning to start a new category for Top 10 popular posts in a month so that you can get an idea which post at DailyBlogging rocked the entire month. This past week I created three new categories viz – WordPress, Blogging, Software & finally News. Will write some quality posts in these categories in the upcoming days.

DailyBlogging Round-up of posts between 12th & 18th of July





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Hope you liked the posts which I wrote this week. Also created a Privacy Policy page 2 days before so that everyone can be assured of their own privacy!

Do you have any suggestion regarding my writing ? Use the comments section to tell me.

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    Great round up thanks for the group of links.

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