DailyBlogging Weekly Round-up (16th August – 22nd August,2010)

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Hi! Hope you are enjoying the start of the week, though Monday’s are like hell in any office goers life. Try to have a smile on your face. Today with a smile I present another weekly roundup for the past week.

I’m happy to announce that we are swiftly moving ahead to cross the 1 lakh barrier in alexa. Now we are at 184,184. So if all goes well & we continue to progress this way then you can expect us to cross the 1 lakh barrier in around 2 weeks time. I have set that as one of my targets.

This week I’m also planning to introduce Guest Posting to give other bloggers/freelance writers an opportunity to write posts for us. I’m not very keen on integrating Adsense revenue Sharing at the start itself. Though it will be introduced by the time I get an approved Adsense account for DailyBlogging.


Weekly Round-up:–



Social Media

Internet Marketing



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    Thanks for sharing the Round up here. Now, I can views the post that I missed before 🙂

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    Nice articles buddy 🙂

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      Thanks Vinay for dropping a comment & of course for the appreciation 🙂 Keep visiting!

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