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This is a Guest Post by Victor, who is a web designer.

If you are new to blogging, choosing the right WordPress theme is the first step in the right direction to marketing your brand online. Those who have taken the time to choose a WordPress theme for their blog know firsthand that it can get frustrating. But one of the most attractive qualities of WordPress is the fact that there are literally thousands of top-notch free themes available, not including custom themes that you can build for your blog.

So how do you decide ?

WordPress Themes
Free, Custom & Premium WordPress Themes

What kind of Theme do you want ?

  • A Free theme
  • A Custom theme
  • A Premium theme

A free theme is pretty self-explanatory. You can download a WordPress theme for free related to a variety of niche markets. A custom theme is built and designed specifically for you to match your brand, and it may even include your brand logo. A premium theme is a theme that is paid for but may still be used by other blogs online.

If you will be using your blog to make money, it is often best to go for a custom or premium theme so that your blog looks as professional as possible. If you are starting a blog to support your existing website, then a free theme will do just fine. Remember, you always have the opportunity to upgrade at a later date.

Ask Yourself : What does your Blog Represent ?

If your personal blog is just for fun or is used to support another website, then a free theme is a good choice, although it will probably be used by thousands of other blogs. However, if your blog represents a new business, concept, or project, then you need to stand out. If that is the case, investing in a custom theme may be best since you can include your business or organization’s logo. 

Consider a WordPress Theme which will Monetize your Blog

If you plan on making money off of your blog through text link ads, banner ads, or Adsense ads, then choosing the right theme matters. It will only look crowded and unattractive if you try to stuff advertising into a WordPress theme that isn’t built to support ad space. If making money through your blog is your primary goal, choosing the right theme becomes even more important to support advertising.

Finally, make sure that you choose your WordPress theme from a reputable source. This will ensure that the theme doesn’t come with any hidden links that could cause some Security Issues and thereby gift your blog a penalty from Search Engines.

So how do you choose your ‘Right’ WordPress Theme ?


  1. Nice post. I’ve learnt something new from the post. Thanks for sharing

  2. From my point of view “”WordPress Theme”” too much important thing similar like that which is the importance of perfect Content in each blog post. We can’t take any risk with that because a perfect WordPress Theme give us good response.

  3. Great informative posts. There are so many themes available for free on the Internet these days, it really is giving us a hard time deciding what theme to use, haha!

  4. I have always tried Free Themes. Never Tried out any Premium Themes.

  5. nice post i already try to use the thesis.but finally i adjust with techmaish theme.

  6. Hi Victor,
    I have always been looking out for new WP themes to try out, but sometimes what I like at first does not really meet my expectations in the end. Even those that are paid WP themes seem to be lacking some aspects that the others have, which makes it difficult to settle to a theme for a long time.

  7. I’m going to change to Thesis as soon as I get some incomes from my blog…It looks so professional!

  8. Choosing the right WordPress theme is essential to any blog’s success. Making sure that it is user-friendly enough and the color combination is appealing are just two of the things that should be considered. Some online marketers pay for people to create them a personalized theme and they reap the benefits in the end.

  9. Free theme can download a word press theme and it will be useful to the bloggers. At the time, have to select the correct word press theme on here. Thanks a lot for given up on here 🙂

  10. I always prefer wordpress theme for my site because wordpress site are very much user friendly and different kind of wordpress them are available in internet which is useful for site or blog success.

  11. Quite an interesting post on choosing wordpress theme. Choice of theme may go a long way in making your blog a successful one.

  12. I am presently using a free theme and will switch to one customized theme later. Anyway it is an excellent post.

  13. Hi Victor,
    There is often free theme that is especially made for certain branches, real estate agents, flowers, cars, etc.

  14. There are defintely a lot of great themes on offer these days. I recently tried out one such theme called Thesis and liked it quite a lot. Highly customizable and easy to use.


  15. Many themes are available, but I prefer frameworks like Thesis, Genesis etc. I’m currently using Thesis in my blog and it loads with lightening speed.

    1. Hi Bharat,

      I also run some of my blogs on Thesis and love the theme. Although I would say there are some quirky and unusual things you need to learn if you are going to truly master using Thesis.

  16. Hello, i am using teen code reduction theme at this time but i want a different theme with fast loading speed, which one should i select? thesis theme or swift? please suggest a good theme with better loading speed

  17. There is no wrong or right theme, it will all depend on you and what you really represent. Sometimes it will also depend on your personality, it’s very important that your site will have a bit of your personality.

  18. Great Article Man…It act as a tutorial for new bloggers. Thanks for posting nice article on wordpress theme selection.

  19. I good premium high CTR SEO theme might be a solution for those who are looking to earn from adsense or CPA. Well written article and thanks for the nice post.

  20. It is always prefer that use a premium wordpress theme like thesis. 🙂

  21. nice tips.. thanks for sharing

  22. Swift theme is really high quality theme. But now Im designing website about films. I can not decide which theme must I choose.

  23. nice thoughts, when i started out I used a child theme it was really easy to learn.

  24. Thanks to share such nice information.

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