5 Tips to Manage Multiple Blogs simultaneously

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This is a Guest Post by Praveen, who is associated with a hosting company which offers very good web host reviews.

It is true that when you have successfully managed a new blog, then it will not be a tedious process to start another blog in another niche.

However, the problem is that you may start spending more time on creating the new blog, which if course is a requirement, but not at the cost of all the hard work that you have poured over your first blog.

You will not like to lose your blog traffic due to your own negligence. What is required here and is to be discussed at the moment is learning to manage more than one blog at a time. Follow these simple tips, and see how magically you will turn out to be great in time management.

Manage Multiple Blogs
Manage Multiple Blogs

Here are they,

1. Know your limits

You should know whether you will be able to manage one more blog. If you do not know whether you can manage one more blog, then do not start with another one.

This is essential that you need to have a very good work-life balance, in other words, you need to spend time on various aspects of your life and career like friends, family, your first blog and work.

2. Dedicate a Time slot for the blog

It is a good habit to maintain a dairy and abide by it. Dedicate some time for your new blog. You will find that with your old blog getting bigger, you can still make this run if you are not dreaming that big with what you can reduce sometime, and use that time to be included in the time that you are going to allocate for your new blog.

3. Never abandon, rather sell your old blog

There are number of reasons that you would like to start a new blog in a different niche, you might have got exhausted or you might feel that working on the old blog is becoming more mundane and boring.

When this being the case, and you are determined to work on your new blog, rent the old blog to someone else so that you can still generate some revenue without losing harvests of your hard work that you put in creating your first blog.This will also give you enough time for working on your new venture of your first blog.

4. Keep your blogs up to date

Be it your new or your old blog it is highly essential that you keep both of them updated with latest information so that you will invite more readers for your new blog and will not lose the traffic that you have built on for your older blog.

Moreover, you can connect both the blogs by using back linking and divert readers of your older blog to your newer blog.

Many of them might be interested if you are going to work on a new blog, which has a niche that is much closer to your older blog and that’s great you can save on your time while creating the new blog.

5. Hire writers

There are many good blog writers out in the market, who are not actually tech savvy, but can write really well. Hire such people, which will not be a considerable cost to the company, and will help you a lot, in managing more than one blogs.

You are going to be much privileged if you are going to hire from second and third world countries like the Asia-Pacific countries and Africa, to whom you will not be paying quite a lot of money.

So how do you manage multiple blogs at the same time ?


  1. Great tips Praveen … Without these it is impossible to maintain multiple blogs … Strong likes to the first two points, without knowing our limits and dedicating time for the second blog, it is not possible to manage

  2. really good post praveen, i try to manage multiple blogs but it really isnt an easy task at all!

  3. I was planning for a new blog but rather i would stick to one and make it a big one! thinking of multiple blogs wasnt good idea for me till now ! thanks a lot and i may plan to roll out new blogs soon!

  4. Work on a blog with dedicated time and updating your blog regularly is good to make blog successful over time

  5. Unfortunately, I have seen far too many blogs that have tried to have 3-4 blogs and it has often been poor quality, repetition of the other blogs and a lot of links between blogs. Concentrate you in ONE good quality blog.

  6. Great sharing, Praveen. Anyway, I am very interested to know how many blogs you own right now?… well, of course if you don’t mind sharing that as well. Haha…

  7. To know your limits is very crucial only then you can decide whether you can manage multiple blogs or not. Time management is also very critical. Great tips buddy!!

  8. Knowing your limits is important the harder part is knowing when to stop trying and outsource it to someone who knows better.

  9. The more blogs you have definitely the more complex it can get. I learned the hard way by having too many websites that it was hard to give my equal attention to each. Now I just mainly concentrate on the ones I really like.


  10. Yes that is true that we can manage multiple blog simultaneously for that we have to change the some content in our blogs so it is very easy for us and your tips are very important for tit.

  11. Hello Mani,

    Your tips are amazing but i can manage only single site from at a time.

  12. You know your capabilities or at least you should so don’t over tax yourself and learn to say NO to things that you just cannot get to or handle at that time.

  13. Nice tips. It will be difficult for a part time student blogger to manage multiple blogs.

  14. Hello Praveen,
    These are indeed exemplary tips. I think being too ambitious in opening a new blog when you can hardly manage your first blog in the first place is definitely a wrong move.

  15. nice Tips to manage multiple blogs at a time.But it is somewhat difficult to do.

  16. #1 and #3 are the most important points here …

  17. It’s better to do one thing well than just being OK at multiple things. This concept holds true when it comes to blogging. Even if you’ve proven that you can be successful operating one blog it doesn’t mean that you can handle more than one. Before starting a new blog you need to make sure that you will be able to dedicate the right amount of time to it without abandoning the first one.

  18. I have a competitor who had 10-12 blogs with almost the same content and very little difference, all were linked to each other and to the home page, and Today has Google thrown out all the blogs from the SERP and 0 in the Page Rank on the homepage. (Before PR4) Better with one strong and only with quality.

  19. Simple tips with the good support on here. It will be turn out into time management. Thank you so much for sharing your post on here 🙂

  20. nice tips praveen..i belive in quality rather than quantity…and even managing time is the very important thing while hosting multiple blogs..thanks for sharing tips..

  21. Nice post for the bloggers who have multiple blogs and thinking how to maintain it 🙂

  22. These are some great tips, I also recommend time management which is a integral part of managing multiple blogs.

  23. Good advice in simple words will surely help me in managing my blogs.

  24. I too manage multiple blogs. Really very useful post. Thanks for share.

  25. i can manage so many blogs now after reading your post

  26. I Think Hiring Guest Writer can Ease your Management. I Myself Manage 2 Blogs and now Looking for the Guest Authors.

  27. Thanks for tips Praveen bro. It will help definitely.Managing multiple site is very difficult and need proper time management and dedication.

  28. Some good advice, I wish I had read this before I attempted to maintain 5 blogs simultaneously, just to get sick of the whole thing.

  29. Thanks for sharing… its very helpfull for me..

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