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Looking For ACTIONABLE Tips?

Welcome to DailyBlogging!

Here we curate content and provide teste-tips on topics: blogging, internet marketing, SEO, WordPress, Usability optimization, tech, software, and more.

Like we said, we are all about actionable stuff!
No fluff or complex language! It sounds simple but it is harder than it sounds. (We know it from experience). We use The Feynman Technique to simplify every article or comparison we make.

Our Team

Hi, I am Muninder Adavelli. I am a blogger, conversion-optimization enthusiast, WordPress-noob-dev, and have a master’s degree in software engineering from Lappeenranta University of Technology.

I love, live on blogging and internet marketing.

Muninder Adavelli

I discuss mostly my experiments with SEO strategies, usability optimization, conversion optimization, managing an online team efficiently, how not to procrastinate, and blog efficiently.