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How Many Social Media Users are There?

Posted On: December 17th, 2020
Now that's answered, lets look into: Updates for 20225 Social media usage statistics5 Social media usage by device stats10 General global and US social media statisticsSocial media popularityMost popular social media sites4 Social Media growth stats and trends 2022 Updates…

How many People Use Facebook?

Posted On: November 4th, 2020
Facebook is the hottest social media network in the world. Facebook has now become a habit for everyone. Facebook has entered everyone’s lives so effortlessly.  Sharing has become easier in this Facebook age. It may be our private lives or…

How Much of the Internet Is Fake?

Posted On: November 2nd, 2020
Everything looks fake on the internet nowadays. Fake news has been the most debated topic of recent years. Websites that publish misleading information has hit across the internet and were also shared on social media to increase their reach.  People…

31 Best Pinterest Statistics in 2020

Posted On: September 10th, 2020
In Pinterest, how many of yours are in 200 billion pins?  Pinterest is far from being just a social network based on images.  Pinterest offers your business a unique opportunity to showcase what your products or services can do. You…

60+ Mind-Blowing Video Marketing Statistics in 2020

Posted On: August 9th, 2020
“Video is Now” In 2020, video is one of the most effective elements in digital marketing strategy.  Videos when used correctly, promotes your product, entertain an extended network, educate your customers, and helps you tap into new audiences.  Here we…

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