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How to Print from an iPad


iPad Print

The iPad is the quintessential tablet computer. It introduced and defined the tablet computer category, and each iteration of the product keeps setting the bar higher. Without a doubt, it is the benchmark against which all other tablet computers are compared. Read : Apple iPhone 5 Technical Specifications This is because the hardware specifications and the... Read More

Download FIFA 13 Demo (Free) for PC, PS3 & Xbox


FIFA 13 Demo PC

EA Sports has just released the demo version of FIFA 13, the most popular football gaming series. At the moment FIFA owns nearly 70-75% of the market share when it comes to footballing games leaving Konami’s PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) a long way behind. The demo version can be downloaded on PC, PS3 and Xbox. It’s... Read More

How to Embed Twitter Timeline Widget on your Site


Twitter Timeline Widget

Twitter has added a Embeddable Timeline Widget so that site owners can show a custom version of their Twitter timeline to the visitors. This includes search results, favourites and the basic timeline. Twitter Timeline widget uses the same widget.js script which is currently used by all the other Twitter widgets viz – Follow button, Tweet button... Read More

Check when you Created your GMail Account


GMail Account Creation Date

Ever felt the need to know when you had filled up the sign-up form for GMail ? Perhaps, GMail was invite-only when you signed up for your first Google Mail id. It probably were the good old days of GMail BETA. To start with, I would like to make it clear that there is no... Read More

How to Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows 7


Dual Boot Windows 8

It’s been a couple a days since Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 Consumer preview (or Win8CP as the trends would read). Most of us got very excited to try it out as soon as it got downloaded. Some of us even cursed Microsoft for their shitty servers and the problems caused while downloading the Windows 8... Read More

How to Check AdSense Earnings from right inside your Browser


Google AdSense Extension

Productivity is the key in today’s day and age if you want to finish your task on/before time. A few days ago we listed out some productivity apps for web designers which will help enhance the work-rate. Coming back to the topic, Google AdSense is something which every blogger or web publisher thrives upon to... Read More

How to Crack this ‘Can you crack it?’ Puzzle

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Crack it

If you are an avid Internet surfer, then you should be knowing about this new Can you crack it? puzzle. It was launched a few of days ago by TMP Ltd., a UK based company which does recruitment processes for various other firms and companies. In this case I guess the recruitment service is for... Read More

How to Create a Facebook like ‘Like Box’ for Google+ Pages


Google+ Like Box

Earlier this month, the much awaited Google+ pages were launched. Many bloggers including me, were excited about this new engaging, promotion tool. The blogging community looks forward for every opportunity to promote their brand, posts, etc. So it’s difficult to question the excitement levels within us. Today it’s almost 3 weeks and I particularly haven’t... Read More