Best Phone For Blogging In 2022

Written by: Muninder

Updated: December, 11, 2021

I blog regularly!
Last time when I was buying a phone, I looked for

  • RAM and CPU speed
  • Screen size, display and touch quality
  • Good battery life

so that I can edit, interlink, optimize and post drafted content on the go on smaller screens with ease.

Based on these factors, I think these are the best phones for blogging in 2022

Phone/SpecificationsScreen sizeDisplayRAMCPUBattery
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 6.2 when folded7.6 inch when expanded2208 x 1768 Pixels12GBSnapdragon 8884,400mAh
Google Pixel 6 Pro6.71-inchLTPO AMOLED – 3120 x 144012GBTensor (5 nm, Octa-core)5,000 mAh
IPhone 12 pro max6.7 inch1284 x 2778 Pixels, True-tone6GBApple A14 Bionic (5 nm, Hexa-core)3687mAh
Microsoft Surface Duo 25.8 inch when folded8.3 inch when expanded1892 x 2688 pixels8GBSnapdragon 8884449mAh
Best phones for blogging

In the following section, I explained why RAM, CPU, Screen size, Display, Battery life are important for a good blogging phone.

RAM and Processor

Let it be phone or PC, you will be dealing with content management systems or website builders. Most of them come with advanced features like drag and drop.

These features involve AJAX and similar JS scripts. To process these scripts, your phone should have good processing and RAM.

Ideally, a phone for blogging requires at least 6GB of RAM and a decent octa-core processor.


The phone display is also important. You’ll want to make sure your phone has a great screen resolution and brightness.

Retina, OLED, AMOLED screens are better for finding minute details and pin-pointing touch.


When it comes to choosing a phone for blogging, the most important thing to consider is the size of the screen.

It goes without saying, smaller screen phones are difficult to edit, let alone writing.

A good 6.5 inch + phones makes it easy to access all the features on blogging apps like Blogger, WordPress, and Wix.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important factor for a phone for blogging.You’ll want a phone that can last through a full day of use, especially if you’re planning to blog on the go.

Phones with 4,400mAh or more can stand a day longer even with blogging activities on the phone.

How To Use Mobile Phones For Blogging?

First, make sure you have a good internet connection. It goes without saying, you will need unlimited data packages.

Next, download a good blogging app. There are many apps like WordPress and Blogger. Designed for mobile bloggers. These apps make it easy to write posts, add images and videos, and publish your content.

Finally, set up a schedule and stick to it. Decide how often you want to post new content and make sure you set aside enough time each week to get it done.

The Best Blogging Platform For Mobile phones

Next, download a good blogging app. There are a number of apps designed specifically for bloggers like:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Drupal
  • Bizpress
  • Wix

These apps make it easy to write posts, add images and videos, and publish your content.

Although these softwares make it as easy as it can get, small screens still have their perks and problems.

Mobile phone blogging pros and cons

Pro: Mobile phone blogging is the most accessible form of blogging and it does not require a fixed web address.

Pro: You can post pictures or videos from your phone quickly without having to upload them to your computer first.

Con: The phone might be too small for writing long posts, but for shorter pieces, this is not an issue.

Con: Blogging on a phone can be difficult to get used to

Blogging Things You Can Do Mobile Phones

There are a number of things you can do on your phone to help you blog better.

  1. You can edit content – When I say edit, I only mean edit – not write
  2. You can accept, reject or reply to comments on blog posts
  3. You can do keyword optimization on blog posts
  4. You can proofread content
  5. If you already have a google sheet with a list of all your blog posts, you can also interlink your posts
  6. Keyword research: Google auto suggest works on mobile too. If you can learn how to use it to do keyword research, you can use mobile for it too.

Blogging Things You Cannot Do on Mobile Phones

  1. Writing content – It’s obvious, that small screens are not so comfortable for typing long forms of content – which mosts blog posts need these days.
  2. Editing HTML – Searching for angular brackets <> on any phone is a tedious process. So, like writing content, editing HTML is a needs a real keyboard and a big screen.
  3. Advaned features: Page builders advanced features like drag and drop are quite slow on mobile devices. Like I mentioned earlier, all these tools JS, which need your laptop or pc processing power.


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