How I’m Shaping This Blog Moving Forward

Written by: Muninder

Updated: February, 17, 2024

Thanks to ManiVishwanath for setting up and handing it over to me for a steal.

Why This Blog Caught My Eye

The domain name was in sync with everything I wanted to do as a hobby — writing my observations of a very dynamic field of SEO and Web Dev – where everything changes pretty much every day. 

Given the chaos the SEO industry is experiencing with the INCIDENCE OF AI, I now believe it will be all about CREATORS.

  • Creators who can use AI bots!
  • Creators who can brand themselves as EXPERTS!

So, Looking Back With a Hint of Regret

Reflecting on the past five years, I’ve been:

  • Managing an affiliate network of over 100 sites,
  • Leading two SEO teams to greatness,
  • Generating over 10 million organic hits,
  • Building more than 10,000 organic links,

And through all this, a whirlpool of thoughts and ideas swirled in my head daily. Regrettably, I kept these insights to myself, not sharing a peep here or on personal branding platforms like LinkedIn.

It’s time for a change. I’m setting out to share every thought, observation, and experience — both personal and professional — right here and across other platforms.

The Commitment

This post serves as a personal motivator and a reminder for future me: to POST EVERY DAY. It’s a tall order, but I’m up for the challenge.

I’ll circle back to this post in the future to reflect on how this journey of personal branding and daily sharing has unfolded.


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