30+ Things To Write About Yourself On About Me Page

Written by: Muninder

Updated: December, 12, 2021

Blog or a company website, they all need a about me or about us page. In the same way, bloggers, writer, contributors, editor need about me pages too.

So I curated a list of things to write about yourself

1. Introduce yourself – name, education, place where you live and other personal details

2. Include a picture of yourself and your pets. Photos of authors, editors, admins, owners improves the authority of the about us page

3. Share a personal story or experience that relates to the blog. Give an example of how you have been able to apply what you’ve learned from your experiences in life and on your blog

4. Explain how your education or previous work experience helped you to create the blog

5. You can write about future plans with blog like posting frequency, design changes and so on.

6. You can list some of your popular articles, their use and your experience in writing them. Also you can share how people react to those articles.

7. What you like to do for fun – Describe your hobbies and interests

8. Your favorite things about blogging

9. A sentence or two about why you blog 

10. Your favorite blogs and what they’re good for (examples)

11. What your blog is about

12. Why people should follow your blog, social media or hire you.

13. Links to other blogs that are like your website.

14. List any awards or accomplishments you’ve received in the past

15. Try to list some things that you don’t like about your blog or with the process of maintaining your blog.

16. Your favorite things about blogging in the niche you operate in.

17. Why you started your blog

18. Talk about what you hope to achieve with this blog post or website

19. Mention a few things that make you unique or interesting 

20. Share a quote from one of your favorite books, movies, songs, etc., so people know what inspires you

21. How long have I been blogging

22. A quote or motto that inspires you as a blogger or writer

23. What inspires you to work hard at your job

25. How did you get started with the company

26. Moto of the company, policies, agenda and philosophy of the company.

27. Why should people trust that they can rely on your word or opinion about the topic you are writing.

28. Where can you people find you on social media or online if you want to learn more about me before reaching out to me

29. Tips on how people can blog in your niche

30. What are the things that make you happy

31. What makes people love working with you/liking you

32. Ask readers for feedback

  • do they want posts more often, less often, shorter posts, longer posts
  • do they prefer text-only posts or videos; etc.?
  • What can people expect if they subscribe to this blog via email/social media/etc.?

I hope this resource on ideas to write about yourself did help those people who are searching for guides on how to write an about me page.
Please let me know if I can add something more to this resource.


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