15+ Exceptional Wix Statistics in 2020

Wix Usage Statistics
How many Wix users are there

Wix provides an easy, affordable, and hassle-free way of creating a website in a matter of minutes. Every person can create their own website with the help of Wix’s powerful template editor without knowing a word of code. Wix has over 500 industry-specific templates.

Wix is not the only drag-and-drop website builder, but it’s the best tool in the world today.

Building a website is no more developers gig!

Thanks to Wix! It opened doors to the website builder market and now almost every noob can create a good looking website without breaking a sweat!

Lets dig in deep into Wix statistics to see how the pioneer of the website makers world is fairing against the competitors, how it is growing, what percentage of market share it holds, and more!

Before going into details, here are some fascinating stats and facts about Wix

  • Wix has over 800+ designer made templates
  • 45000 people signup on Wix everyday
  • In 2019 New York City created more Wix sites while San Jose has highest per-capita of Wix site creation in the USA
  • 86% of sites created on Wix are multi-page websites
  • Art and Design enthusiasts are biggest Wix consumers
  • Wix is used by 1.5% of websites in the World

General Wix statistics 

  • A majority of 82% of the Wix users stick to them for over a year. 

The tools of Wix are very powerful. 82% of the Wix customers saw improvements in their ranking after using it. (wix)

  • Wix is used in 190 different countries.

Wix is not available in just 5 countries around the world. Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, and Crimea in Ukraine has no access to Wix due to OFAC restrictions. Wix is available in 17 languages as well. (websitebulider)

  • Wix has over 180 million users around the world. 

Wix provides a world-class platform for millions of users, empowering everyone to express themselves and build their online presence. (wix)

  • Wix acquires 45,000 new users every day.

Wix is referred to as one of the best website builders in the market. But not everyone wants to build a website obviously. (adamenfroy)

  • Wix had 4.5 million paid subscribers by 2020.

Wix’s paying customer base has increased. Less than 3% of the registered users are the active paying users of Wix. (domainnamewire)

Usage statistics and market share

  • Wix is used by 1.5% of all the websites in the world.

Wix is used by 2.5% of the websites whose content management system is known. Wix is used by 0.7% of the websites whose content management is known and rank in top 1,000,000. (w3techs)

  • Wix’s share was worth around $146.70 in January 2020.

Wix went public in late 2013 and the share worth was $17.30. It went by 16.6% in early 2020 and still showing strong gains. (nasdaq)

  • In 2019, Wix earned $765 million in revenue.

Wix has made $603 million in 2018 and employed 1,800 people worldwide. (reuters)

  • Wix is typed into Google for around 6.8 million times.

According to Ahrefs, wix is typed into Google more than twice as much as shopify.

  • Wix : 6.8M
  • Shopify : 3.1M
  • Squarespace : 1.4M


  • Currently, wix is used by 3.3 million websites.

According to research carried by BuiltWith, over 3,800,880 websites are powered by Wix. Wix is the 6th most popular Content Management Sysytem(CMS) in the world. (bulitwith)

  • Wix’s popularity grew by more than 220% in the recent times.

In 2020, Wix’s market share threshold reached 1.3%. Wix’s market share was 1% in 2019. 


Interesting Wix Website Statistics

  • 26% of wix’s traffic comes from searches.

More than 1/4th of the traffic that wix.com receives comes from search engines. Around 80% of all the search engine accesses are organic traffic. (similartech)

  • In the last 6 months, Wix.com has had 55.33 million visits.

Wix.com is the most popular site that utilizes its website building technology. The sites average visit last for 8 minutes 24 seconds with 8.82 pages seen per visit. (similarweb)

  • There are 413,358 paid Wix-based websites.

 The number of online Wix domains is 403,900. The live Wix websites exceeds the unique domains by under 10,000. (similartech)

  • 105,199 of Wix websites are based in the US.

The US appears to be the lucrative market for the israeli company with 25.44% of all paid wix websites are in US. (similartech)

  • 44,000 Wix apps are installed every day.

Wix App market is used to find the right features to the site. The app features required for business is live chat. 71% of the customers prefer live chat. Premium versions of the wix website app cn cost as low as $3.75. (wix)

  • Wix e-commerce is used by 332,000 users.

Wix has an option for online sellers. 40% of the eCommerce consumers in the US think of online shopping as an essential part of their lives. (websitebuilder)


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