Is Low Bounce Always A Good Thing?

Written by: Muninder

Updated: October, 25, 2023

High bounce rate is bad – Bad design, not engaging or useful content, and so on

Low bounce rate is good – effective layout, relevant content, coherent website, and so on.

At least GA basics or other analytics guides say so.

But in reality, this is not always the case

Argument 1 – At times, confusing web design may lead to unnecessary clicks, which can reduce the bounce substantially.

Also, in reality, more than substantial tag settings consider on-load events as interaction events when they clearly are non-interaction events. For example, scrolling.

More scrolling – More interacted events leading to less bounce – Again, this does not mean low bounce – practically.

Argument 2 – High bounce is not always a bad thing. It might mean better user satisfaction in some situations. (Especially after all these HCU updates)

While basics are good guiding, in reality, contextual analysis changes everything.


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