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Over the years, Twitter has grown into a real time social networking site. One of the important factors which contributed to this growth are the trending topics. Twitter users now get a sense of what is being talked about and what is not; in real-time.

Although the trending algorithm has come under fire many a times, it can still be used as an efficient tool to gauge the current situation. In the trends list you often find hashtags which many users collectively use, to tweet about a particular topic.

Instagram, a photo sharing network has also adopted the hashtags concept to display the most popular images.

Hashtag App

Hashtag App - Twitter + Instagram Hashtags

Hashtag App, developed by Lemon Labs simply takes onto account both the Twitter and Instagram hashtags and lists them in a single column. At the moment Hashtag App is only available for iOS (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch & the iPad).

Instagram Hashtag App

Instagram pic on 'Hashtag App'

Although I haven’t tried the app, from the screenshots it’s evident that Hashtag App comes with a clean interface with good space management. The light gray-ish theme makes it more attractive and elegant.

If I find a similar app for Android, I will update this post with the download link.

P.S: Both the screenshots are taken from the iTunes app store.

iOS users give this app a try and let us all know your views..

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    Lot of things to do get extraordinary result in your efforts but the thing is that in that you should have enough power to attract others.

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    Great new information for me about this stunning tool. i will surely search more regarding that before giving it a real try.

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    Hi Mani Viswanathan,
    Thanks for sharing this great post!
    Hashtag is really helpful in tagging a content in Twitter.Now with the new application of combining Twitter and Instagram is something to look forward into !!
    Thanks again

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