How many apps are there in the Apple App Store?

How many app stores are there
How Many App Stores Are there

As of July 2020, there were over 4.37 million apps on the Apple AppStore. Based on the data from Statista, out of that 4.37 million, 957,390 were gaming apps.

As there are new apps added and deleted every day from the AppStore, the number of apps on the AppStore is approximated.

However, 4.37 million already defines how big the Apple AppStore is. 

Here are some more stats and facts to further explain its potential and its impacts on the tech world.

Intriguing AppStore Statistics

  • 500 million people visit AppStore every week.
  • AppStore reviews over 100,000 app submissions every week.
  • AppStore is connected to 1.5 billion devices.
  • AppStore has users from 175 regions
  • Apple App ecosystem created over 2.1M jobs in the USA
  • In 2020 AppStore 60M user reviews as spam.

AppStore App Download And Addition Statistics

How many apps are downloaded from the App Store every year

In the first 2 quarters of 2020, there were 18.4 billion downloads. When you compare this to the previous 2 quarters (Q3 & Q4) of 2019 (15.8 billion), you can see a clear growth trend.

More than half of the downloads are not from the app developer region.

From the numbers we see above, it is clear that AppStore, like Apple, has a widespread reach. Let’s confirm that with the locations of downloads. Only 50% of the app downloads are from the app developer region. 

Given that most retail and local business apps are designed for local audiences, it is enormous that half of the downloads are from outside the developer’s home region.

How many apps on average are added to the App Store every day

Globally every week, AppStore reviews over 100,000 app submissions. Out of this, 90% of the app submissions are reviewed in 24 hours.

130,000 apps are featured in Apple-related market places.

According to Apple Newsroom, over 130,000 apps are featured on AppStore and other Apple-related app market places when it comes to the number of featured apps.

How big is App Store Marketplace

As per the AppStore page numbers for the app developers, AppStore is connected to 1.5 billion devices. So, building an App for IOS devices can give you a wide range of audiences from 175 regions.  

Now that we know how many devices are connected to the AppStore, let’s check how many people check the AppStore.

How many people use AppStore?

500 million people visit AppStore every week.  

This massive number of visits and the number of devices connected are the actual numbers that display the importance of the Apple AppStore for businesses. 

In 2020, AppStore received over 50B impressions from paid advertising.

So AppStore is significant for businesses. Not just organically, but also from social media advertising, email marketing, and other paid advertising forms, people are driving traffic to AppStore.

Let’s put businesses and usage perspective aside and see how helpful is the AppStore Ecosystem for the app developers.

How Dev-Friendly is AppStore?

AppStore gives access to over 250,000 APIs.

With over 250,000 APIs, AppStore brings all the latest technologies closer to the app developers. 

There are 28M developers in Apple Developer Program.

Along with reaching 1.5 billion devices and 250,000 APIs, Apple also has over 160,000 technical documents to simplify developers’ work. No wonder Apple has such a rich program. 

All the above AppStore statistics emphasize the popularity of the AppStore as an App Marketplace. But how does this popularity translate to money?

How big is the AppStore Economy?

Apple app ecosystem has over 2,100,000 jobs across America.

 In the last one year – April 2019 to September 2020, the Apple App ecosystem created over 300,000 jobs in the US. That is an immense help to the job market.

Not just in terms of jobs, AppStore also creates immense wealth.

Apple AppStore in 2019 generated $519 billion in sales and billings. 

According to the Apple NewsRoom press release, MCommerce apps, digital goods, service apps, and in-app purchases contributed mostly to these high numbers.  Also, since 2008, Apple has paid over $155 billion to the app developers. 

Popular AppStore Categories

22% of the apps were gaming apps on the AppStore in 2020

As of 2020, 22% of the apps were games making it the most popular app category. As mentioned earlier, approximately, AppStore had 957,390 games as of July 2020. Following it was business and lifestyle categories.  

How many apps on the AppStore are free?

Over 85% of the Apps are free. However, they can have in-app purchases.

Quality and Standards of Apps On The AppStore

AppStore removed over 2,000,000 inconsistent and apps that aren’t updated.

AppStore is quite strict with apps that are not up to the standards. They expect all the apps published on the AppStore to be maintained regularly to meet the new IOS software updates.

AppStore so far rejected over 1,000,000 app submissions for illegal, unsafe content.

Not just with the technical monitoring of apps, they are also pretty strict on content monitoring. They do not allow illegal and unsafe content on the Apps.

AppStore tagged over 60,000,000 user reviews as spam in 2020.

Like the inconsistencies in updates and content, Apple does not encourage spam. As per the numbers on the AppStore homepage, over 60 million reviews were tagged as spam. It shows the AppStore transparency and commitment to quality.

AppStore rejected over 150,000 app submissions that aren’t following privacy guidelines.

We all know how secure are IPhones from the cases where the FBI requests to Apple unlock iPhones. In addition to security, Apple do not apps published on their AppStore to breach your privacy.


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