5 Things a Blogger should Keep in Mind while Writing a Post

5 things a Blogger should keep in mind

In the Blogosphere its often said that Quality is what matters the most.

But the puzzle among most of the Bloggers is “How to Achieve that Quality in their Posts ?”.

The basic way with which you can turn an average content into a quality content is by keeping in mind certain points while writing your post itself.

So lets take a look at some of those important points which you mustn’t forget.

1. Use of Punctuations at Right Places

Use of Punctuations at Right Places

Punctuations play a vital part in a post. Always ensure that you use Proper Punctuations marks at the Right place. A Shift of a Comma (,) can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

You can definitely use Exclamation marks when you’re seriously expressing something out. Make sure that you end a Question with a Question Mark (?) and not with a full-stop.

2. Avoid Grammatical Errors

Grammatical Errors

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This is considered as a Grey area by almost 50% of the Indian Bloggers. You may feel that you are the only one who is facing this Problem. But believe me, every blogger experienced this problem.

If you want to be a Successful Blogger, then you have to work on your Grammar. I’ve come across blogs which use you’re in place of your. Yes, these are just minor mistakes. Is there any harm in Rectifying them ?

3. Keep the Language as Simple as Possible

Now here comes the pivotal point. Blogging is a way of Expressing yourself. But expressing yourself doesn’t mean that you leave your readers totally confused. Write point to point. Don’t try to drag a point for the sake of increasing the word count of your posts.

Dragging a point often involves sentences containing words whose exact meaning is not even known to you. Keeping the Language as Simple as Possible will help each and every reader to understand what you’ve written.

4. Maintain a Professional cum Casual Approach

This is something which you can’t copy from ProBloggers. That’s because maintaining such a Professional cum Casual approach often depends on your thought process. With time you’ll get to know how to mix both of them in a single post.

A Casual Approach could mean anything, say you ask your readers questions in between the posts. By doing so, you become more friendly with them & help them in getting engaged into the post.

5. Go Through your Post from a Readers point of View


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According to me, this is the most difficult point to consider while writing a post. The reason behind this is, that every reader has a different view point to a particular post.

So it’s difficult for you imagine like that. In such a situation always Consider yourself as a reader who is supposedly reading that post on some other blog. Judge your content on that basis & make the necessary changes.

I hope with these tips your next blog post would certainly be more qualitative.

Have you got more points to add up to this list ?

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  1. Great tips on writing great blog posts.

  2. Grammatical mistakes really make the post look cheap… and even if the thought behind it was strong it ceases to impress the readers..

  3. Thank you for great post. Grammar is really important for building a blog community and an audience.

  4. It’s one of the useful tips for writing the blog and at the time grammar would be more important while writing the article, thanks a lot for sharing your ides on here, Mani..

  5. I would like to agree with your valuable points on here,Mani. And, these info would be helpful for the blogger to write the quality content with the up to date information.

  6. Thanks for your ide. One of my current mistake is writing too much information within a single post. I think our reader do not care much about that, they want solution only!

    1. Yes Vuong, Even I used to write long posts where the main thing would just be of 1-2 para’s. Latter I realized that it’s just a waste of time writing such elaborate posts. Now I’ve adapted to the point to point post method.

  7. Well, the new thing was your last point i.e. “Go Through your Post from a Readers point of View”. When you focus on this point, you can make many improvements in your articles. Lovely information !

  8. On this issue, Keep the Language as Simple as Possible helps me a lot on my blog. Thanks Mani

  9. I am really a big fan of your blog! So much information can be found on your blog – Awesome

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