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60+ Mind-Blowing Video Marketing Statistics in 2020

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In 2020, video is one of the most effective elements in digital marketing strategy.

Videos when used correctly, promotes your product, entertain an extended network, educate your customers, and helps you tap into new audiences.

Google Hotpot – A new way to recommend and rate Places


Google Hotpot places

We all know that how Google pops up with something creative & makes it a successful product. A week back it came up with a Surprise Holiday package for Flight travelers in the US by offering free inflight Wi-Fi. This time it’s come up with something much better – Google Hotpot. The concept here is... Read More

Is Google celebrating its 12th Birthday today ?



Well the answer to the question maybe YES. Because if you visit Google (US Version/Indian version) you would probably see a logo which consists of a Google logo pasted over the cake. To be utterly frank the art form is not that good. But credits to Wayne Thiebaud for this image. With a little research... Read More

Google rolls out its redesigned & optimized Images page


Google Icon

Today Google announced the roll out of its redesigned and so-called optimized Images page. Why I say so-called there are some valid points which you will come to know when you read the entire post. Though we always expect Google to deliver good features, but every good thing has a bad side. So this time... Read More

Chinese Officials renew Google’s License

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Google China Logo

At the start of this year, Google had faced some serious attacks from some parts of China, after which it threatened the Chinese to remove itself from China. After so much talks, arguments the Chinese Government has renewed Google’s ICP (Internet Content Provider) License. This will help a lot of Chinese people who missed Google’s... Read More

Google’s Chrome Fastball game experiences Downtime due to high traffic


Google Chrome

Google has finally integrated Adobe Flash Player support in its most famous and light weight product Chrome. It had announced that it will be integrating this in March, and they have successfully done it in a very short span of time. Many may ask why Google is giving importance to Chrome? Well the answer to... Read More

Google signs an agreement to acquire ITA Software


Google Logo

ITA which is regarded as one of the popular most travel software agencies on the net has its luck which has leaded it get Google sign an agreement to acquire it. Google which has been on an acquisition row lately acquiring the popular desktop software BumpTop. The main reasons why Google is quite interested in... Read More

Google comes out with double doodles to celebrate FIFA WC & Cousteau’s Birthday

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Double Doodle By Google

Today the FIFA World Cup kicks off @ 5.30 PM on ESPN with a superb opening ceremony which includes Shakira’s performance with her “Waka Waka”. So don’t miss the action tonight! Google never remains behind in celebrating such a huge event, so on this special occasion it has come up with a magnificent doodle presenting a football... Read More