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Google comes out with double doodles to celebrate FIFA WC & Cousteau’s Birthday

Written by: Muninder

Updated: June, 11, 2010

Today the FIFA World Cup kicks off @ 5.30 PM on ESPN with a superb opening ceremony which includes Shakira’s performance with her “Waka Waka”. So don’t miss the action tonight!

Double Doodle By Google

Google never remains behind in celebrating such a huge event, so on this special occasion it has come up with a magnificent doodle presenting a football kick to the nets which feels like its written ‘Google’, if you see the logo closely then you will surely notice it. But Google isn’t only celebrating this main event alone, but along with it, it also celebrates Cousteau’s Birthday.
The only difference in the celebration is that Cousteau’s Doodle is put up by Google only in certain parts of the world like google.ca since the FIFA WC is a greater event to celebrate than a person’s birthday. But Google on its official Twitter Account has announced that later in the day they will update FIFA WC’s doodle even where Cousteau’s doodle is put up as the WC kicks off only in the evening.
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Today is his 13th Death Anniversary. He was born on June 11th, 1910 in France. He was everything right from French naval officer to an author. I wonder how he was interested in so many things. But his main interest was to research underwater life-forms and he successfully did so during his period. For more Info about Cousteau navigate to his Wikipedia page.
FIFA WC Schedule
I will put up the timings of matches scheduled for today, for the upcoming one’s you can goto fifa.com or search for ‘world cup schedule‘ (Search Link)

  • S . Africa v/s Mexico – 4:00 PM SA Time {7.20 PM IST}
  • Uruguay v/s France – 8.30 PM SA Time {11.50 PM IST}

I’m rooting for Mexico in the first match-up and France (obviously) in the second one!
So whom are you rooting for in todays match-ups and who are your favorites in this years FIFA WC. Write in your comments in the comments section.

Update :-

  • Google Canada (google.ca) have updated their Logo to the FIFA WC one!
  • Also The first match between RSA – MEX ended in a draw.


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