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Why CakePHP should be chosen for Developing Web Structures ?



CakePHP can be called as the best open source framework for web development because it is instilled with most innovative features which simplifies the web development process. Along with the advantages of CakePHP, it is also the well accepted fact that having the knowledge of the technical language is not enough for the software professionals.... Read More

Support the Flash Ads Are Broken Campaign if you hate Flash Ads


flash ads are broken

We have seen the evolution of web from simply Web to Web 2.0. Now we have even started seeing the glimpses of Web 3.0. Now we have Ajax & jQuery to replace JavaScript. Though Web Developers still continue to use JavaScript as they are used it from many years. This is where we fail to... Read More

Google unleashes the power of HTML5 in its new doodle



Few days ago we saw Google celebrate the Buckyball Anniversary by adding a Buckyball animation effect instead of the second ‘o’ in ‘Google’. It used to animate when our cursor was hovered over it which gave a rotating & revolving effect. It was the first time that Google experimented with the power of HTML5. Around... Read More