Flickr redesigns its Photo Page

Written by: Muninder

Updated: June, 30, 2010

Yesterday when I logged into Flickr & was searching for images, saw a Highlighted Message in the header part of the Photo Page stating that I can have a preview of its Redesigned version. So curiously headed towards the redesigned Photo Page.

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1. Arrangement
With the Redesigned version it comes with better arrangement of certain items like the Share button, which has been given prominent space so that the user uses sees it and uses it to good effect. The content size is also increased as the sides in old design were empty, have now been used up by the content. The buttons which had been placed above the image such as Edit Image, Rotate,etc. in the older version they have now been moved to a common place called ‘Actions’ which acts as a drop down.
Actions Dropdown
2. Comment Formatting
This addition to Flickr would improve its photo/video comments, since the basic HTML codes have been added as a formatting option in the comments section. This will enhance the topography of the comments and will attract many non-commentators which will ultimately push them towards commenting.
3. Photo tags
Similar to Facebook, which provides tagging a user in a particular photo; Flickr has also come up with this feature which will enable a person present in the photo to be added up for better recognition. Actually, this feature is for tagging a user present in a picture, but in Facebook it is utterly misused as many pictures are tagged to users without any connection. Hope this doesn’t happen in Flickr.
Photo Tags
4. Location Based tagging
This is with help from Google Maps, where in a photo is added to Google Maps present on the right hand side, with respect to the location of the photo being taken from. This feature can rather be used as a real-time based tagging.
For Example:- A picture is taken in US whereas the person stays in India but has gone to US for a visit and has taken the picture there, so this can be used to indicate the location of the person in real-time.
5. Keyboard Shortcuts
The most important feature of them all, this will make Flickr user-friendly. Nowadays, Keyboard shortcuts have come to picture everywhere and mouse is not used that often, since keyboard shortcuts make the work faster and simpler. Look at the image below to know about the shortcuts for Flickr.
Keyboard Shortcuts
So what do you think of Flickr’s Photo page redesign, I loved it as it gives an elegant look now than before. Write in your views in the comments section.


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