Wikipedia raises $16M by the end of 2010

Wikipedia thank you James Wales

Yes, finally the $16M Donation Goal has been achieved by Wikipedia. By the mid last week, when we all were partying on the New years Eve; Wikipedia reached it’s Goal of raising 16 Million Dollar for the period between 2010-11. Every year Wikipedia conducts a fundraiser, but they say that this years fundraiser has a special importance. It’s been one of the biggest Fundraiser events in these years.


During the period from mid 2010 to the end of 2010 you would’ve seen a message highlighting the Donation Campaign which included a message from James Wales – the Founder of Wikipedia. Now the same area has a Thank you message from James.

Wikipedia is still a non-profit organization & it says the amount raised during this year’s fundraiser event will certainly go towards fulfilling Server expenses, funding the developmental & maintenance team. Also, the left over part of the amount will go to the employees working in Wikipedia. Though Wikipedia says that the number of Employees working in it is just a fraction of those working in World’s Top #10 Sites. So if 1000 people are working under any of the top 10 websites in the world today, only 50 work under Wikipedia.


Even though this years goal has been met, Wikipedia says that it will continue to allow users to Show their Support in the form of Donations. So if you haven’t Contributed yet, then Goto the Donate page & show your support.

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Don’t you think Social Media has played it’s part in increasing Wikipedia’s Fundraisers this year ??


  1. Thats great. 🙂 I also donated $10 few days back.

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  3. Wikipedia is one of the best and most reliable source of information. i use it extensively as a source of information.
    People’s contribution and support will maintain the site ad-free.

    1. Couldn’t quite agree with you…I have found many articles that couldn’t be considered reliable

  4. If they had put ads they might have earned more

  5. Wikipedia is the great site ever and doing good… I never saw any third party ads on this site….

  6. Wikipedia is getting bigger and bigger! 😀

  7. Wikipedia is a great website. I am using it almost everyday. We should all donate to make it even better and ads free!

  8. Wikipedia is a good encyclopedia so i expect more improvement in quality with the passage of time

  9. I expect more better quality of wikipedia content in coming days

  10. instead if 1M you could give Zeros , it will be getting much attention than this 😀 … lol 😉

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