Top 10 tips to enhance your Social Media Experience

Written by: Muninder

Updated: July, 5, 2010

In today’s world Social Media has become an unavoidable part of our life, wherein you need to make an update before you do something, to share with your friends/followers what you have done, putting out quotes, sensible status updates to make an image, etc.
But we certainly get to know what is happening around us without following any news website or watching News on TV or even by searching for the current affairs on search engines.
To make sure that you are on the top on any social site, you need to follow certain basic tips to get more followers.
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1. Don’t just Promote, but also Provide

Yep, it sounds like a rhyming sentence, but its the fact which is needed to be applied in Social Media. You can’t just Promote your products,links,sites,etc. and just expect people to like them, but you need to provide them with Content and share what you know.

2. Lend a helping hand to the needy

There are many people who ask on social sites for help on to their personal problems, Suggestions/a short review of their new product. Help regarding some minor coding issues.
At that time don’t be in a professional mood and charge for minor issues but help them in a friendly way just like your friend, after all they are your online pals.

3. Ask for Help and Suggestions when you need them

Don’t forget that asking a help or a suggestion would make you lower than them, In fact if you don’t do so, people may consider you as stubborn. But remember to ask help when most needed to avoid irritating your social friends.
Always ask in a polite way, if they help reply them back politely with a Thanks. If they don’t, please don’t abuse them; Even they are people who work and maybe they are busy at that moment.

4. Share Pictures, Videos and Useful links

People many a times share only links which they like, but that’s not the correct way to use social sites. You need to even share Pictures and Videos. Remember, Be versatile in life.
If you know only certain things you stand a chance to be declined. Take interest in many things, but stay focused on the thing you like the most.

5. Provide some News Updates, It’s not about you always

Avoid sharing links or your products always or what you are doing/going to do. Celebrities do that job, avoid following their way of doing it. People hate reading, what you’re going to do. They want something useful from you.

6. Give them what they like/want from you

Give your followers/friends what they expect from you. If you don’t know what they want from you, do a little research about how the people who lead in that social network do things. Don’t copy them instead follow their style by adding a pinch of your style.

7. Always Reply

Even when you are ultra-busy spare some time to reply to your fans. They have made you where you are now. So don’t forget replying to their queries/questions. Importantly, Don’t Avoid them in any case.

8. Keep on Updating your statuses

Don’t forget to update your statuses when you’re on Twitter. People will sideline from following you when they see, the status 2 days old. In twitter its a gold rule to Update your statuses each day. Even I sideline such profiles even if they follow me.

9. Have some Patience

Show some patience in your life, it will guide you the way to grand success. Do your work consistently and you will reap its benefits in the future. Don’t expect to see you double your fans/followers the next day.
It’s a process and it will surely take time. Its like blogging wherein you don’t get the expected results within a week.

10. Use a Social sites System wisely

Here, A System indicates the ‘#’ (Hashtags) which Twitter has, ‘@’ which Twitter and Facebook both accept. This means when you are on Twitter, use proper Hashtags to get popularity to your articles or your products. When on Facebook tag your friends using the ‘@’ button.
Use the above 10 tips sincerely and enhance your Social Media Experience. Follow all the points, not just one or two and expect success to happen.

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