Top 5 SEO tips to be implemented on a new Site

SEO Tips

After my last post on the Top 10 SEO Shopping Cart companies in India, I’m back to write more on SEO this week. But this time for starters of a site, having no/less knowledge about SEO and its effectiveness on the success of a site.

It’s basically very important to understand that only SEO won’t do wonders to a site, plus it’s quite a slow process.

Its like diabetes, it takes time for our tips & tricks to get updated, hoping that the search engines don’t change their algorithm so often.

Often, big companies make a site to market their products online, but fail to get results quickly though their products maybe popular enough, but without proper techniques they won’t be easily discovered in this huge online world. So that’s where SEO plays its part.

SEO Tips

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To ensure that the company’s site is easily accessible to search bots, their site gets backlink to ensure quick indexing in SERP’s. So lets start with some easy but important tips for a new site.

1. Design

The first & foremost thing to be taken care off to ensure proper SEO is Design. Make the site easily accessible to them, because they are one’s who will get you the visitors and the rankings. Make it cluster free, simple but elegant for your users, hidden text is considered as a bad karma in SEO. So make sure avoid hidden content in the entire site. If you use flash, then practice How to do SEO on flash sites.

Also, decrease load time of your site, as from this year Google have even started to consider that point to decide a site’s ranking. So, hire a good Web Designer (you can take my services as well 😛) and get your site or blog designed.

2. Keywords

Keywords are another aspect which needs proper technique to do well in SERPs, A title of a post or any page should be in H1 tags and must have one or two keywords in them, along with it you need to link the Keywords of a post to its Meta-keywords part, this will ensure that the keywords you select properly for a post will be directly presented as the pages Meta-Keyword.

Make sure you Keyword Research before you add them to your meta information.

3. Content

It’s always said in the blogging field that, “Content is the King”. Produce Quality Content, and people will love it & automatically visitors and rankings will happen to come. You can neglect any point in SEO but never neglect this one. Ensure that you use the H1 and H2 tags even in the content part well enough. Use the words present in those tags as keywords.

4. Meta Information

Meta Information is very useful for search engines to collect certain data of a page. Here you will get a full list of the META data. Ensure that you use them properly. Also if you have a site with many pages, you need to add unique Meta Information for each page. If all the pages have the same Meta Information the Search bots will consider it as duplicate information and it will do no good for your site.

5. Linking

You need to start linking posts for a particular word, link to a page which it relates so that your readers will stay more on your site, which will eventually reduce the bounce rate. The same applies for Search bots, Inter-linking will boost the SEO of your site. This applies only to Internal Links.

For External Links use a no-follow tag in the url part. Due to this other sites will benefit. Sharing is awesome, but when your site suffers due to it; it’s obviously bad. I will give a detailed explanation about this below,

For Example:- Your site is obviously new, you link to a site newer than yours, so that site will get benefited due to your do follow link and your site will suffer with a bad karma. But since the duration is less you can consider linking. In the same case, the change that your PR being 5, you link to a PR 0 site. Your site’s obviously going to suffer due to such linking’s. So Share Smartly.

Hope that the above 5 tips of SEO are enough for a starter. If you want more tips wait for the future posts and Subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you have any queries regarding any point or need me to do SEO services for you then use the comments section or contact me using the Contact Page.

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  1. These are some greats SEO tip for newbies that you have mentioned mate. I think they will find this pretty useful

    1. @above – Welcome to DailyBlogging and thanks for the comment bro 🙂

  2. These top 5 seo tips are good and can change one’s thought and improve his work instantly. keyword are very important and plays an important part in seo

    1. Yep ! Keywords & content are the primary things to look for in SEO, rest are secondary one’s. Also welcome to DailyBlogging & thanks for the comment !

    2. Keywords & Keyword research is not an important part of SEO it is the foundation to SEO. Without keywords & proper research you risk the chance of creating a website that will never rank for a “buying” (sales to you) word.
      If you optimise a site for keywords that do not generate traffic to your site there is a good chance you will never even be indexed by gfoogle let alone rank first. Traffic is the juice that tells google theres something worthwhile out there, without traffic you will not rank, without optimisation for keywords that are being searched for – you will never rank

  3. it was very interesting to read.
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  4. All points are very essential for a new blog…but one doubt ?

    Will google include meta data in their web rankings ?
    just see this articls –

    1. agreed with you, But leaving the Keywords field is not a good practice. In Social Submission sites they need keywords and its better to give meta keywords as the keywords in there to get better results out of it 🙂

  5. Nice piece of Information Mani and don’t forget about Sitemap submission 🙂

    1. Yup sitemaps r pretty important & help Search engines for better indexing 🙂

      Thanks for the tip Harsh!

  6. I like the article but the last comment about 0 page rank pages to link to is wrong. your page rank will NOT suffer if you link to a zero or unranked page provided it is done properly and there are not too many links. All links should be obtained in a natural manner to avoid penalties but the page rank in a normal link aquisition project should contain both high PR and low PR sites/ links.

    1. Well I meant linking to more number of PR 0 sites as compared to PR 3/4/5 would give a less authority to your site. Just a few links won’t matter much.

      Thanks for sharing your views Darren 🙂

      1. Hi Mani,
        Still not sure your there. As I understood it it was…
        a link from a or (authority site) that is page rank 0 will have more SEO benefit than a links from that has a page rank of 1-2.
        a dofollow link from any high page rank site, will improve your page rank (which is used in your ranking algorithm but not definitive of it.

        A very good share of the links to a piece of content will come from other bloggers sharing content on their own blogs or in rss feeds etc. these will mostly be page rank 0 but have quite a few of them.

        A power site with a high page rank like facebook and the other social sharing & bookmarking sites have NOdofollow which means they don’t share their page rank with you anyway.

        therefore it doesn’t matter how many page rank 0 sites link to you, they are still a link which unless coming from a link-farm will do you no harm what so ever, in googles eyes it’s natural linkbuilding and natural link building is the best way in the eyes of the mighty bots.
        Just my 2c worth, let me know if you agree

        1. Yes. It’s not that we should only focus on .edu & .gov backlinks, but it’s been found that since those TLDs are less they tend to pass more SEO juice. So there is no hard-and-fast rule that you shouldn’t be collecting backlinks from PR0 sites.

  7. Nice tips,search engine optimized design is a must i think and also a easily navigable theme will definitely increase your blog traffic.
    Thanks Mani 🙂

  8. Hi

    i found your site through search engine.i like your web
    page content and very attractive theme.really i like this


  9. your page rank will NOT suffer if you link to a zero or unranked page provided it is done properly and there are not too many links.

  10. I really like this post. Great seo tips for new websites. Bookmarked.

  11. thanks for the tips specially the last ome….now i will nofollow all the external links 🙂

    1. You should nofollow external links unless it’s a paid one 😛 Thanks for Stopping by Deepanshu 🙂

  12. Hi Mani,Thanks a lot for this useful tips. I am currently studying SEO for I have a blog that I want to improve especially on seo and traffic.

  13. hey mani..i had a question….u said in 2nd point to have h1 tag in the post title which is the case in most of the themes as they have h1 tag in the post title tag which becomes the title tag in google….although i dont know abt seo much but dont u think it will be a gud practice to have h1 tag diffferent from title using same we r losing out on either title or h1 tag as google gives so much preference to both….so different title tags for page (appearing in google) and diffferent h1 tag will benefit more (hmm not all plugisn allow this but some do :-))

  14. Great post mani. Useful tips for newbies, especially the last point.

  15. SEO process starts form the designing of the site . So always try use services from a designer that having knowledge of On Page seo

  16. As far as on page seo is concerned, Keyword density, Alt tag, sitemaps are also the very important part of a website to crawl early and bring in search against the keywords.

    1. It\’s always a relief when someone with obvious expteirse answers. Thanks!

  17. META & Alt tags are some of the most important part of a website from the SEO perspective. I have seen websites climb 20-30 rankings just by changing their Meta data to keyword-friendly versions. Cheers! 🙂

  18. Searching the net for some seo tips and reached your site. Nice Seo tips and i just started building links.

  19. Thanks for sharing information

  20. Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing. You did exactly the same.

  21. Also make sure to use Robots.txt for defining proper indexation.

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