How to Recover a Disabled Instagram Account

Written by: Mahender Chintalapally

Updated: January, 25, 2022

You can recover it by appealing it to Instagram. It may take from days to weeks to get it back depending on the reason why your account got disabled.

How to know if your Instagram account is disabled

When instagram account is disabled, Instagram will let you know when you are trying to login. It is completely different from those messages you get when you enter your password wrong.

Reasons why Instagram Accounts get disabled

Though Instagram gives you a clear message that your account is disabled, but it won’t give you precise reason why your account got hacked.

According to their help page, I see they cite violation of terms of conditions and guidelines as primary reason. But Instagram won’t provide you clear message on which guideline did you violate.

There can be numerous ways how you could be violating their guidelines, but the most common ones are posting illegal, nude and violence or violence inciting content.

How to appeal for revoking the disabled Instagram Account?

If your account is deleted and you did not violate the terms mentioned above, you have a good chance of getting back your account. All you have to do is appeal to Instagram on this “My Instagram Account Has Been Deactivated” page to reactivate your account.

Tip: Apply it multiple times till you succeed. The success of reactivation depends on how the moderator of your appeal perceives the reason why you were disabled.

What to do when an Instagram account is hacked?

We all know websites get hacked, bank accounts get hacked. Instagram accounts are no exception. Considering the fact that successful Instagram accounts, like any successful websites can earn good money, no of hacking attempts on Instagram accounts has increased substantially.

How to know if your account has been hacked?

Most hackers, when they get hold of your account for the activity you have on your account. So they most likely change your primary email on the Instagram account to theirs. And that gives you a message about the change of email.
When that happens, you can ask Instagram to send a login link to your mobile number.
That is the easy way.

If you did not succeed this way, the next best way is to contact Instagram.

Are there any chances of removing the account permanently?

If someone got access to your account or you accidentally deleted your account, there is no chance of getting it back. However, you can create another account with same email but you cannot use the same user name


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