How to Select All Friends on Facebook & Invite them to a Facebook Page

Select All Friends

Every new Facebook business page needs followers. 

But how to get that initial start to get some engagement going on?

An average Facebook profile has 338 friends. That is easy 338 possible followers to your Facebook Page.

Here in this guide, I will explain, how to reach all your friends at a go without using any third-party tools or chrome extensions.

Facebook in 2022, provides a direct option to do this. But you have to manually select all friends by clicking on each one of their profiles.

select all friend on facebook

A while back, Facebook had natively supported the Select All Friends on Facebook option, later it was discontinued as many page owners abused its use by inviting people on their friend list every now and then.

Its enormous user base and activity cannot be neglected even when some of the less-ardent Facebook users are unhappy about the new changes in Facebook.

But what if your friend list consists of a large number of people and you want to introduce (sounds better than ‘like’) your new Facebook page to your friends.

Another case could be that you are one of those early Facebook users who had created a page but at that point in time, there were hardly any people in your friend list to whom you could introduce your page. But now you have many friends and want to invite each one of them to your page.

So the solution to your problem is to either popularize your business/site/blog or to select all friends on Facebook and invite them to your brand’s Facebook page. 

This post is for those people who wish to choose the second option.

Select All Friends on Facebook [Tutorial and Code]

Let’s look at the steps involved in Selecting all friends and inviting them to your Facebook page.

  1.  Go to your Facebook Page (Obvious, isn’t it ?). Click on the ‘Invite Friends‘ link located on the right sidebar of your page.
  2. Now you’ll see a small box that says Suggest your page to friends. Below that, you’ll find a button dropdown that by default highlights Recent Interactions. Click on that button and change it to Search All Friends.
  3. Paste this Javascript code in your browser’s(*) address bar
    javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i<elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type=”checkbox” )elms[i].click()};
  4. All those people whom you haven’t invited yet will be selected automatically. Now, you just have to hit the Submit button.

After that, you’ll see a similar confirmation box on your screen.

Confirmation after Select All code works
Confirmation Box appears after you hit the submit button


* If you are using Chrome or browsers which use WebKit as their main engine then, javascript: will be automatically scrapped even if you directly Copy-paste the above code. In such a case, just add javascript: at the start.

Note: This code works perfectly on Chrome 100; as of 4th May 2022. The post will be checked and updated on a monthly basis if there is any change in the Select all friends code.

Notify any error or difficulty you face when attempting this trick in the Comments section specifically. Also, if you want to know if any of these friends or some random outsider is checking your Facebook profile, I have a guide on that too.

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  1. Hey, thanks for this code, it works on chrome browser, however all friends wont get selected. We need to do once, then again scroll down and again paste the code. But, worth trying.

  2. thanks for the code, this will help me lot

  3. Nice tips, I’m not a code guru so i really appreciate it..Thank for help,it’s very helpful!

    1. It was really helpful to me as i was searching for this only..

  4. Initially, i would like to say thanks for sharing how to select all friends to the face book fan page information on here. Social media plays an vital role in the wide. And, it will be attracting the audience side.

  5. I tried this in Firefox first and cursed out loud when it didn’t work (I have 4,000+ names to invite/switch over to a client’s professional page). BUT THEN I switched to my Safari brower, pasted in the code, hit return and voilà all the boxes got checked. THANKS!!

    1. I checked two accounts that were on the checked selected list and neither of them seems to have received a message. How does it show up for people? In messages? Events? Or….?

    2. Glad to see that it worked at the end.

  6. whoah this blog is magnificent i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You understand, many individuals are searching round for this information, you can help them greatly.

  7. Hi! Thanks for the great tip! However, I tried this in both Chrome and Firefox and it only selected a few of my friends not the entire list. It seems like I then need to scroll down to where it stopped and do it again, and again and again. Is there a way to make sure it selects them all? Is it my browser?

  8. Ah ha! I figured it out that you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of your friends list before entering in the javacode. Thanks!

  9. hmmmm, this is exactly the tool I would like to use, but I do not see “Invite Friends” link on my right sidebar. I am an Admin of the page, I am using FB as the page, and I can see the other sidebar links: “Use Facebook as…”, “Notifications”, Promote…” and “View Insights”. But that is all. Any suggestions?

  10. Thank you so much! Another thing you should add to the post… I have Internet Explorer 9 and it also erases the “javascript:” by default, like Chrome.

    Try scrolling to the bottom of your list of friends before entering the code 🙂

  11. I know someone mentioned it, but is there a fix when using Firefox?

  12. Hey Thanks for this code… It works like magic on my google chrome. Will stay glued to this post should in case facebook misbehaves. Thanks a lot

  13. This hasn’t worked for me. Twice I have typed it in, hit enter, and watched as it selects all of my friends. However, when I hit submit, it isn’t actually inviting my friends.

  14. I tried it in my page! i could select all my unselected friends! But in the end a message was showing titled “DATABASE WRITE FAILED ; An error occurred while writing to our database. Please try again later”……………..what is the solution! please reply me fast!

  15. Hey Thank you Very Much, and it works on Safari too..

  16. great job. it is working

  17. Tell me what happen when I make another admin,,and delete it after he send invitation their friends,,than is it possible that all invitation are deleted

  18. do you have any idea why my page only has the option to “invite friends via email” ? I dont have the option to invite friends any other way!!! Im so frustrated

  19. This code + Safari 5.1.2 = working

  20. wow..I have never heard about this code. It seems now easier to share like page with all Facebook friends 🙂

  21. Hello anyone help me ……
    I copy this code in address bar with
    or only code
    and i include javascript also in code or use the code which followed by javascrpt

    1. Just paste the entire code in the address bar. The url shouldn’t be there, only the javascript code.

  22. Not Working !! Nothing is happening when i pasted that code in the browser

  23. every time i post the code! it takes me to a google search page! do you press enter once the javascrip is in?

  24. Yep — worked for me in IE, but not Firefox.

  25. I have this same issue as Hayley posted…any suggestions?? Do you have any idea why my page only has the option to “invite friends via email” ? I don’t have the option to invite friends any other way!!! I’m so frustrated

    1. Same problem as Hayley and Debra – my page only has the option to “invite friends via email”


  26. thanks for but this trick is not workign now

  27. Works like a charm. Just so you know, it works perfectly for Events too, you should mention that is very useful

  28. Not a damn thing happened

  29. TO INVITE FRIENDS go to your main account, then click on “your page” (from the left column) when it opens from here ,you will have the friends option showing on your page! TaDA!
    PS…if you open your page from the drop down menu (HOME/top right) you won’t get the “invite friends” option

  30. nothing happens.. google chrome..

  31. Thanks for this post. I’ve tried pasting the code in the browser address bar in Safari, Firefox and Chrome without any luck. I’ve tried pasting it into the search bar in the Select Your Friends window, and also no luck. Any suggestions?

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